Error 520 - How to Avoid?

Error 1015 example

A 520 status code is a message from Cloudflare indicating an unexpected response from the origin server. This error can come from server-side glitches or from requests missing essential information, such as headers or authentication details. Ensuring that your requests are fully equipped with all necessary data, like CORS or referrer headers, is crucial to prevent this error.

If server issues are ruled out and your requests are complete but you’re still facing this problem, it’s likely that your scraping activities are being flagged as automated. To address this, using tools like undetected-chromedriver can help simulate human-like interactions. Pairing this with Bright Data’s reliable proxies provides a potent combination, allowing you to mimic organic traffic and effectively avoid detection, thus mitigating the risk of a 520 status code disruption.

Another solution would be to opt-in for the Web Unlocker solution that sets referral headers for you, reducing the chances of receiving a 520 status code.


Additional questions about proxy errors:

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