Error 305 - How to Avoid?

The HTTP 305 status code, “Use Proxy,” is a unique response from a web server indicating that the requested resource is accessible only through the proxy specified in the Location header of the response. Unlike many other HTTP status codes, a 305 response explicitly instructs the client to connect via a proxy server to access the resource.

Causes of HTTP 305 Error

The 305 status code is relatively rare and specific. It is triggered when a web server is configured to require requests for certain resources to be made through a proxy. This could be for security reasons, network policies, or content delivery optimizations.

Addressing HTTP 305 Error in Web Scraping

Web scraping operations may encounter the HTTP 305 error when attempting to access resources that have these specific server requirements. Here are steps to handle this error:

  1. Follow Proxy Instructions: Ensure your web scraping tool or library is configured to respect the 305 response by rerouting requests through the proxy specified in the response’s Location header.
  2. Configure Proxy Settings: Modify your scraper’s settings to automatically detect and use proxy settings as instructed by the server.

The Solution – Proxies

Given that the 305 error revolves around proxy usage, having a robust proxy management strategy is essential for effective web scraping:

  1. Proxy Rotation: Implement proxy rotation to minimize the risk of being blocked by target servers. This involves changing proxies at regular intervals or after a set number of requests.
  2. Proxy Pool: Maintain a diverse pool of proxy servers. This ensures that you have proxies available from different geographical locations and of different types (e.g., residential, data center, and mobile proxies).
  3. Automated Proxy Assignment: Develop or use existing solutions that automatically assign the most appropriate proxy based on the target resource or server requirements.


While the HTTP 305 Use Proxy error is uncommon, handling it correctly is crucial for web scraping activities, especially when accessing resources with strict server policies. By adhering to server instructions, leveraging appropriate proxy management tools, and utilizing services like Bright Data, web scraping can be more efficient and less prone to interruption or blocking.

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