Why Do Proxy Networks Get Pushed To The Limit When New Sneakers Come Out

Why Do Proxy Networks Get Pushed To The Limit When New Sneakers Come Out?

Residential Proxy networks are heavily used in and around new sneaker release dates as one of the most effective ways to monitor the web for new opportunities, as well as successfully placing orders at scale
Web Unlocker Better Than Any Premium Proxy

Why Web Unlocker Is Better Than Any Premium Proxy Available

Learn how this tool can help your business automate the unlocking process by handling everything from IP rotation, and request retries to User-Agents, and fingerprints as well as why it works better than any premium proxies currently on the market
Why Luminati Networks Changed Name to Bright Data

Why We Changed Our Name From Luminati Networks To Bright Data

People are wondering about the reasons behind our rebranding. Here is the full guide to understanding what we were aiming to accomplish.
Bright Data KYC - Know Your Client/Customer - Ethical Data Collection

How Bright Data’s KYC-First Approach Has Helped Pioneer One Of The Safest, Legally Compliant, And Ethical Data Collection Networks

We caught up with Nir Borenshtein, Bright Data’s Chief Operating officer (COO), and Gal Shechter, Bright Data’s Head of Compliance to get an inside look at the unique customer onboarding, and network monitoring processes they have built from the ground up to enable ultimate web transparency for businesses
Data collector blue showing how automated data collection can bring transparency to diversity and general hiring practices

How Online Data Collection Promotes Workplace Diversity To Increase Productivity, Retention, And Revenue

A conversation with Dave Walsh, co-founder, and CEO of Mathison, uncovers how online data collection increases your workforce’s range of skills, talents, and performance while keeping an eye on the bottom line.
Ethical Data Collection Scales of Justice blue background graphic

Your Data Won’t Serve You For Long If It Was Collected Unethically

This article will give you practical tools and guidelines so your company can build solid data foundations and not a house of cards.
Online web scraping and proxy management workshop for data collection

Our Popular Web Scraping And Proxy Management Workshop Goes Online

Bright Data’s first online workshop was a success, with professionals learning about web scraping and proxy management from their homes
super proxies and how they help data collection by proxy

Super Proxies: The Key To The Fastest Data Collection

Your proxy provider’s infrastructure impacts your data collection. The physical location of super proxies and how they distribute traffic will affect your operations and here is why
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