Healthcare & Medicine
with real-time web data

Advance public health while maximizing profits with the #1 web data platform for healthcare & medicine

Improve public health, monitor diseases, & speed up decision making

  • Gather data on population health trends from discussion forums, search engines, news portals, industry blogs, social media channels, etc., to map trends and improve treatment decisions
  • Use data from news, articles, research papers, forums, & social media, etc. to make faster decisions regarding drug development and the adverse effects of new drugs
  • Collect discussions on any platform to track a disease’s spread and collect statistics on new and emerging phenomena
  • Monitor the effective distribution of vaccines

Conduct real-time price comparison on drugs, medical devices, & operations

  • Get real-time data on prices for medical supplies, equipment, and services from any website to develop pricing models that maximize profits appropriate products
  • Extract data on prescription drug prices based on location to lower costs
  • Track supply-train metrics, onboarding costs, as well as medical device & hospital operation costs
  • Follow competitor brands to understand their pricing strategies & track how medical products are implemented in various locations

Optimize health insurance plans & detect fraud & abuse

  • Locate violations of how medical and pharmaceutical products are handled, including forbidden sellers and locations selling medicine without prescriptions
  • Stay on top of health care requirements by collecting legal, industry news and government data
  • Find the best physicians & medical talent by collecting addresses of hospitals and doctors by location and hospital groups
  • Aggregate feedback and reviews data from social media platforms & health care forums to understand your brand and your patients’ needs better

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