User Compliance Evaluation = Know Your Client

What is a User compliance evaluation? Why does Bright Data implement one? Find out in this blog post
Know Your Customer - KYC - Customer under magnifying glass surrounded by question marks, big and small
Noam Rom
Noam Rom | Director of Sales

At Bright Data, we strive to maintain the highest quality residential proxy network. Our quality is evident in our peers and for this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure the legitimacy of those interested in our services.

Our network consists of Residential IPs, also known as real-peer IPs, meaning they have been assigned from an ISP (internet service provider) to a user.

Those interested in becoming a Bright Data customer first begin by filling out a Residential Activation Form. The form consists of questions to help us understand who the account is for, whether that be an individual or company, and asks for personal details.

Next, we begin to understand why they require a residential proxy service and if their use-case complies with our Terms of Service. This is why we refer to the process as ‘know your client’ and it provides your personal account manager more information to assist with integration as well as finding the best solution for your needs.

All information is confirmed by Bright Data’s compliance team, prior to granting access to our network.

With our high-quality network, innovative Proxy Manager, and multiple methods of integration, it is easy to see why the world’s largest companies choose Bright Data for their proxy needs.

If you are interested in working with Bright Data’s proxy network please sign up here to be connected to your personal account manager.

Noam Rom
Noam Rom | Director of Sales

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