What Is Online Copyright Infringement?

Companies use Bright Data to protect their Brand and Online Assets. Find out how in this blog post
Proxy networks against online copyright infringement
Yair Ida
Yair Ida | Sales Director

Online Copyright infringement is using another person or companies work without their explicit consent. Infringement can be in the form of producing, distributing, and copying intellectual property that is protected by copyright law.

Types of Online Copyrighted Materials include:

  • Videos
  • Text
  • Trademarks
  • Images
  • Technology

Reselling, misrepresenting and reproducing are to our displeasure frequent in an online environment where people believe they are anonymous or that it is happening so often they will not be held accountable.

How can this be monitored?

Many companies, to protect their intellectual property, employ entire departments to search for infringing works amongst the endless abyss that is the online web.

This process can be automated, which can help speed up the process but with modern blocking techniques, being able to flag and block or worse mislead these fishing expeditions can easily occur.

To successfully search the web to find those who abuse copyrighted materials the most important aspect is the IP address. It is the IP address and information contained within it that allows those who take part in piracy to know who is accessing their site and to mislead them by feeding them the wrong information.

Regardless of the size of the team or company that is attempting to catch this illegal activity, if the information they are finding is wrong, it is a waste of time, effort and resources.

By emulating a real user, you can collect the most accurate data available. Why would the person or company who stole intellectual property for their own gain mislead a seemingly interested customer?

Utilizing Residential IPs allows for anonymity and confidence in data extraction efforts. Residential IPs come from real users across the globe where the information sent through their IP is not of your company or location but that of the exit peer.

Bright Data’s Residential Network consists of 72+ million residential IPs in every city and country across the globe. Now those with copyrighted materials can harness the power of Bright Data’s network not only to find but persecute those who take part in stealing intellectual property.

For more information about Bright Data’s Networks click here (email) to speak with one of our representatives.

Yair Ida
Yair Ida | Sales Director

Yair is a Sales Director at Bright Data. He specializes as a growth strategist and works in the fields of SaaS business development, sales, and marketing. He is a self-proclaimed 'data entrepreneur' with a deep knowledge of software products that he works with in order to help businesses create scalable, efficient, and cost-effective data collection processes.

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