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Learn about open-source data collection from the experts themselves
Web Scraping and proxy management workshop in India - Delhi and Bangalore
Tamir Roter
Tamir Roter | VP EMEA & APAC

We are excited to be hosting our Web Scraping and Proxy Management Workshops in India. In these workshops, happening two weeks from now, we will be presenting the principles to overcome common obstacles to successful web data collection including blocking, cloaking and captcha.

Understanding how bots are detected by websites is our main focus and we want to teach you what we’ve learned. In our workshop, you will have the chance to learn from the experts and enjoy a one-on-one session preparing the framework for your own means of open-source data collection. We will practice not just the setup of your own extraction solution, but also how to optimize it with the usage of device fingerprints, correct IP types and more!

The workshop agenda includes looking at scraping data from the world’s most popular search engines, and the usage of automated unlocking solutions. During your one-on-one session, you will have the chance to guarantee that you are successfully collecting accurate data from your key target website while learning industry secrets on how to increase request speeds, reduce costs and guarantee only the most accurate data collection.

So, come prepared with your PC, pre-installed requirements and our Proxy Manager – our free open-source software allowing you to manage your proxies and scrape like a professional with no coding required!

RSVP today! The event is FREE but seating is limited.

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#scraping_in_Delhi Dec 9th at 10 am IST Register for our Delhi Workshop

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Tamir Roter
Tamir Roter | VP EMEA & APAC

Tamir is a software business executive with a track record of successfully driving international corporate growth and profitability with large enterprises as well as start-ups. Over the course of 20+ years, he has been building and managing sales, marketing and regional teams. Tamir currently works as a VP at Bright Data, the leading global web data collection network.