Use cases

Web data extraction

Utilize our rotating residential IPs to scrape the most accurate data from across the globe, never getting blocked or misled.

Price comparison

Aggregate and compare prices from across the globe with ease.

Ad verification

Residential IPs with country, city, ASN and mobile carrier targeting, to verify the compliance of ads and affiliate links.


Are you gathering data from e-commerce websites? see what Bright Data's 4 networks can do for you!

Travel aggregation

Residential IPs to aggregate and compare prices across the globe with ease

Brand protection

Residential IPs to protect your brand and online assets by ensuring proper use of copyright content

SEO monitoring

72M+ high resolution IPs for the most accurate SEO monitoring available

Market research

Residential IPs providing the ability to analyze markets across the globe

Search Engine Crawler

Get search engine result pages from google, bing and yahoo

Website testing

Test your website functionality and performance

Stock market data

Aggregating the most reliable financial investment data

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