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Test your proxies for web scraping, anonymous browsing, account management and accessing geo-restricted content with the free proxy checker. Looking for a new proxy provider? Try Bright Data’s proxies for free now and experience unmatched performance and reliability.

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    Why You Should Use a Proxy Checker?

    Bright Data’s proxy list checker enhances your online performance and security, providing key insights like speed, location, and protocol. This tool helps you:

    1. Verify Proxy Quality: Conduct regular checks to ensure proxies are efficient, evaluating their speed and anonymity.
    2. Avoid Problematic Proxies: Detect proxies that are blacklisted or marked as spam, maintaining your access and reputation.
    3. Improve Online Security: Choose proxies that offer superior anonymity, protecting your identity and data.

    Our user-friendly and free proxy checker allows unlimited tests for reliable online activities. Use it for a safer and more efficient digital experience.

     All The Proxy Checker Features

    IP Identification and Tracking
    Easily track and identify the IPs you've inputted for precise monitoring of your proxy pool.
    Country Origin Analysis
    Quickly discover each IP's country origin for geo-specific strategies and regional compliance.
    Real-Time Status Monitoring
    Stay informed about each IP's status in your network; active, inactive, or problematic proxies.
    In-Depth Risk Evaluation
    Evaluate each IP's risk score to mitigate threats and ensure a safer proxy environment.
    Proxy Type Classification
    Identify an IP's proxy type (HTTP, SOCKS, etc.) to gain insights into your proxy resources' versatility.
    Last Seen Timestamp
    Monitor each proxy's last activity to track availability and recent usage in your network.

    Proxy Checker FAQs

    A proxy checker is a tool that tests and verifies the functionality and quality of proxies in a list, assessing factors like risk, geolocation, and type.

    Regular proxy checks ensure your proxies are working efficiently and securely, providing necessary data about speed, anonymity, and reliability.

    Yes, a good proxy checker can identify proxies that are blacklisted or marked as spam by checking their IP addresses against various databases.

    It's advisable to check your proxy list regularly, ideally before each significant use, to ensure all proxies are functioning optimally.

    Yes, most proxy checkers allow you to test if your proxies are correctly representing the desired geolocation.

    Using a reputable proxy list checker is safe, as it only tests the proxy's functionality without exposing your actual data.

    Paid proxy checkers typically offer more features, greater reliability, and better support compared to free versions.

    The results usually include status (working or not), speed, anonymity level, and geolocation, which help you assess each proxy's suitability for your needs.

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