iPhone proxy integration

iPhone Proxy Integration


In the realm of digital connectivity, iPhones are renowned for their robust security and premium features. However, even these advanced devices can benefit significantly from the integration of proxies, especially in an era where online privacy and global accessibility are critical. Bright Data’s proxy service, known for its vast network and advanced features, offers iPhone users a unique edge in the digital world. This guide delves into the seamless integration of Bright Data proxies with your iPhone, transforming your device into a powerhouse of secure and unrestricted internet access.

Important Notes for iPhone Users:

  • Wi-Fi Only Configuration: iOS confines proxy usage to Wi-Fi connections, excluding cellular data from proxy benefits.
  • Proxy Type Limitation: iOS supports HTTP proxies exclusively, meaning SOCKS5 proxies aren’t an option.
  • iOS 17 Reference: This guide, with its iOS 17 screenshots, offers instructions likely to remain relevant in future iOS updates.

Why Choose Bright Data Proxies for Your iPhone?

  • World’s Largest Proxy Network: Offering unparalleled access and variety.
  • Industry Leadership: A trusted name in the proxy world, synonymous with reliability and innovation.
  • Advanced, User-Friendly Configuration: Easy setup for all types of proxies, including residential, data center, and geolocation-specific options.
  • Versatile Proxy Options: Whether it’s for market research, personal use, or content access, our proxies cater to all needs.

How to setup Bright Data proxies with iPhone

Register to BD

Registration on Bright Data:

  • Sign up to Bright Data.
  • Verify your email address to activate your account.
ADd zone

Zone Configuration:

Navigate to the “Proxy & Scraping Infrastructure” section and Add a new designated Zone for your proxy usage.

choose proxy type

Choose proxy type:

In this guide, we will show setup for ISP proxies.

Choose IP type

IP type and location selection:

Name Your Proxy Zone and Select the Ideal IP Type. Options include Shared IPs with pay-per-usage, Dedicated IPs, and Premium IPs for optimal performance. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Fill in the number of IPs you need.

In the number of IPs free text field, write the number of IPs you need

Geolocation targeting:

Choose your desired country and city for the IP location.

Domain type:

Specific domains or use ‘All domains’ for one IP to target websites using the same IP.

click add for zone creation

Click the "Add" button to create the Zone.

Once you finished editing all the fields, click on ‘Add’ to create the zone

Accessing Proxy Details:

Click on the name of your Zone, navigate to the “Access Parameters” tab, and note down the proxy credentials:

  • host
  • port
  • username
  • password

Open iPhone Settings:

  • Tap the ‘Settings’ icon on your home screen.
  • In the Settings menu, find and tap on the ‘Wi-Fi’ option.
  • Click on the information (i) icon next to your connected Wi-Fi network.

Proxy setup:

Select ‘Configure Proxy’ from the list of options.

Manual proxy configuration:

Select ‘Manual’ option.

add proxy details

Enter proxy details:

  • Server: Input ‘brd.superproxy.io‘.
  • Port: Enter ‘22225‘.
  • Authentication: Toggle this on and enter your Bright Data credentials. For obtaining username and password, visit your Bright Data account, select the relevant proxy zone, and refer to the ‘Configuration’ tab.
  • Save: After entering the details, tap ‘Save’ to apply your proxy settings.

Note:If using a whitelisted IP, disable Authentication. For other connections, enable Authentication for access to username and password fields.

Verify the setup:

To confirm the proxy is working, visit a website like https://whatismyip.com/ to check if your IP address reflects the proxy.

*To disable the proxy, simply revisit your Wi-Fi settings, choose your network, and switch the proxy settings to ‘Off’.

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