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Postern Proxy Integration

Steps to integrate Postern with Bright Data proxies

Get Postern

Start by acquiring Postern. Since it’s no longer available on the Google Play Store, search online for its APK file to download it.

Inputting proxy details in Postern

Input proxy details

In the new window, input the necessary proxy details as follows:

– Type of Proxies: Residential Proxies
– Server Name: Brightdata
– Server Address:
– Server Port: 22225
– For Server Type, select HTTPS/HTTP CONNECT.
– Input your username and password in the respective fields. Precede your username with “customer-“, for example, “brd-customer-<CustomerID>-zone-<ZONE>.”
– Press “Save.”

To use a proxy from a specific country, modify your login with the country’s code, like “brd-customer-<CustomerID>-zone-<ZONE>-country-us” for a US exit node. Refer to the official documentation for more details on country-specific entries.

Selecting rules in the Postern app

Setting Bright Data proxy

After setting up the Bright Data proxy, navigate to the app’s menu and select “Rules.”

Clicking on Add rule in the app

Adding a new rule

Choose “Add Rule.”

Choosing the match all method

Configuring the new rule

For Match Method, pick “Match All.” Set the Rule as “Proxy/Tunnel.” “Proxy/Proxy Group” should auto-populate with “Oxylabs –”

Then, hit “Save.”

Switching on the VPN feature inside the Postern app

Enabling the proxy

To enable the proxy, switch on the VPN feature. From the app menu, tap “VPN Off” to activate the connection. You’re all set.

Should you need assistance with integrating Bright Data proxy services, feel free to contact us anytime.

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