Android proxy integation

Android Proxy Integration


Harnessing the power of proxies on Android devices opens up a world of possibilities. While device manufacturers might have slight variations in the process, the core steps for setting up remain consistent. This guide is specifically designed for those using Android’s OxygenOS 13.1.
Proxies are more than just tools for bypassing geo-restrictions. They act as shields, guarding your online identity, and ensuring direct requests, especially from malicious sources, are kept at bay.
Whether you connect through mobile data or Wi-Fi, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into how to set up Bright Data proxies and enhance your Android experience.

How to setup Bright Data proxies on Android

Register to BD

Registration on Bright Data:

  • Sign up to Bright Data.
  • Verify your email address to activate your account.
ADd zone

Zone Configuration:

Navigate to the “Proxy & Scraping Infrastructure” section and Add a new designated Zone for your proxy usage.

choose proxy type

Choose proxy type:

In this guide, we will show setup for ISP proxies.

Choose IP type

IP type and location selection:

Name Your Proxy Zone and Select the Ideal IP Type. Options include Shared IPs with pay-per-usage, Dedicated IPs, and Premium IPs for optimal performance. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Fill in the number of IPs you need.

Geolocation targeting:

Choose your desired country and city for the IP location.

Domain type:

Specific domains or use ‘All domains’ for one IP to target websites using the same IP.

click add for zone creation

Click the "Add" button to create the Zone.

Accessing Proxy Details:

Click on the name of your Zone, navigate to the “Access Parameters” tab, and note down the proxy credentials:

  • host
  • port
  • username
  • password
Android settings

Android configuration:

Navigate to Settings > Mobile Network.

choose sim

Select the SIM card you wish to configure.

access point

Proceed to Access Point Names (APNs).

Info icon

Information icon:

Tap on the information icon (i) adjacent to your network provider’s name.

fill in credentials

Fill in the following proxy details:

  • Proxy:
  • Port: 22225
  • Username & Password: Retrieve these from the “Access Parameters” tab within your preferred proxy zone in your Bright Data account.
  • Confirm your settings by tapping the checkmark icon located at the top right.

Refresh mobile data:

Refresh your mobile data connection by toggling it off and then on. Ensure the correct SIM is chosen under “Internet”.

Open browser: your browser, input the specified credentials, and tap Sign In.

Open your browser, input the specified credentials, and tap Sign In.

Congratulations! Your mobile data is now empowered with a proxy IP address.

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