Why Every Online Marketing Agency Should Use a Proxy Service

No matter what your company is doing or what your role is, this is why you need a proxy service
Proxy to block ads and malware in ads
Rachel Hollander
Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

The Adtech world is full of fraudulent activity. Whether you have a DSP, SSP, Ad Server, conduct Affiliate Marketing, or have a Performance Marketing Tool, chances are you are working with many partners and have campaigns running across the globe. With so much going on, how do you verify your own operations?

Your team does their due-diligence. They check ads and verify links, but how do you know this information is accurate? Those who take part in fraudulent activity know how to cover their tracks. They know who enters their site, where they’re coming from, and they can display different information accordingly. How do they know these things? They get all this information from your IP.

By using Bright Data’s residential proxy network you can change your IP and be seen as a real-user on a PC or mobile and truly verify this information.

Im not a robot and recaptcha and blocked graphics

When is this useful?

Using a proxy will allow you to view landing pages across the globe and ensure they don’t contain malware or improper advertising. It will provide the ability to check that your ads are reaching the target audiences for which you’re paying those high CPMs. You can test your affiliate links ensuring they are not broken and analyze their hops, redirects and their landing pages.

When it comes to mobile direct billing campaigns and app promotions, changing your IP to a specific carrier or ASN will allow you to confirm their accuracy. Competition in this industry is rampant and you can utilize your proxy service to check the ads of your competitors. With the ability to be seen as a real-user and scrape unlimited amounts of data, all this information can be in the palm of your hand!

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Rachel Hollander
Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

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