Jarvee And Bright Data – The Complete Solution To Account Automation

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Bright Data and Jarvee - account automation solution
Rafael Levi
Rafael Levi | Senior Business Manager

Social Media Marketing is detrimental to a company’s overall image and marketing efforts. With so many accounts across different channels and in multiple geolocations, it can be challenging to execute.

Jarvee is a windows based social media automation software that provides the ability to schedule posts, grow and manage accounts, increase traffic and as a result generate more leads for companies.

Multiple accounts on the same social network from the same IP can be a risky ordeal. It is an issue as the account may be blocked or removed altogether.

To overcome this, Jarvee has created a Proxy Manager that assigns one proxy per social account to ensure operations run smoothly.

The type of IP added to the account is the most critical factor in guaranteeing successful social media automation as the IP itself contains data that can be detrimental to marketing efforts.

Data such as the user-agent, cookies, headers, and mere geo-location can trigger a site to block the IP or disable the account in its entirety.

To avoid such blockades, begin by using a residential proxy network.

A residential proxy network consists of real-peer IPs which are IPs assigned from an ISP to a user. The IP itself contains all the data required to emulate a real person managing their account.

Bright Data’s Residential Network consists of 72+ million residential IPs across the world and is easily integrated with Jarvee using IP: Port format.

By using Bright Data with Jarvee, you can automate large scale social media marketing efforts never worrying about being blocked or disabled.

For more information about managing social media watch Bright Data’s webinar here.

Rafael Levi
Rafael Levi | Senior Business Manager

Rafael Levi is a senior business manager at Bright Data. He specializes in data collection automation and works closely with customers to help them achieve their goals. He firmly believes that the future of any e-business lay within data aggregation and automation.