uso ético

A Bright Data mantém um sistema de conformidade que se baseia a renteção, prevenção e fiscalização. Este processo de três camadas é o braço direito dos principios e valores da Bright Data - garantindo que a nossa rede continue a ser segura e ética.

Protecting our peers

Once an app user has approved to share their device resources (becoming a peer) our infrastructure ensures traffic is only routed under strict conditions in a manner that will not substantially affect the device's operation.

Improved user-experience

App owners that work with the Bright SDK have seen an increase in user-experience by being able to remove ads while still generating revenues. The app users themselves enjoy this ad-free experience without being affected by the Bright SDK as they are only active peers under strict conditions. All users who choose to opt-in and become a peer receive some form of value-added compensation such as an ad-free app experience.

User compliance evaluation & compliance

As leaders of the IPPN market Bright Data has set the highest standards of compliance in the proxy industry. Every new Bright Data Residential/mobile customer is thoroughly vetted and must be approved by a compliance officer to ensure their use case meets our strict standards. Bright Data's in-depth on-boarding process requires clients to share their national ID and sign our compliance statement amongst various other identity verification techniques.

Não há coleta de dados do usuário final

The Bright SDK is only interested in the IP addresses themselves.
No user-data or personal data is collected upon opting-in or throughout the time the peer is part of the Bright Data Network.

Dedicated compliance officer

The Bright Data compliance officers personally handle every report of abuse including investigating warning and blocking suspicious clients. Our multi-faceted system includes a combination of internal safeguards in conjunction with external vendor reports to identify unethical activity patterns amongst clients who are promptly disabled accordingly.

Use cases Verificados

uso aprovado da rede Bright Data inclui a coleta de dados para testes website, comparação de preços, a agregação de dados de viagem, proteção de marca e ações de natureza semelhante para business intelligence. Nós não aceitamos qualquer uso da nossa rede que pretende emular um usuário real em troca de pagamento direto, propósitos enganosos ou atividade fraudulenta.

monitoramento de uso

Bright Data usa dois métodos para garantir que as nossas redes estão livres de abusos. O primeiro é a automatização dentro dos nossos sistemas que detectam comportamentos suspeito e bloqueiam automaticamente o cliente em particular, enquanto notificamos a equipe de compliance. A segunda são as verificações manuais constantes feitas pela equipe responsáveis ​​pelo monitoramento. Estas verificações manuais incluem a realização de verificações de logs aleatórios e diretos, a fim de detectar qualquer uso indevido de nossa rede.

Strict no reselling policy

In order to maintain our strict standards and procedures, Bright Data does not allow the reselling of its networks or services without Bright Data's written authorization and under Bright Data's strict guidelines. By forbidding the reselling of our services we can guarantee that all access to the network is by accounts that have successfully passed our compliance check and have been approved by the compliance team and the senior compliance officer. We detect and immediately terminate any accounts that violate this rule.

Empowering researchers

Privacy compliance

Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework - the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 - the CCPA. As an enthusiastic advocate of internet security and privacy, Bright Data understands the importance of providing data subjects with greater control of their privacy and data. Therefore, we have taken considerable efforts to ensure that our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the GDPR and CCPA, and the industry's best practices regarding, among other things, respecting data subjects' requests to exercise their rights and more.

The US Ninth Circuit Court recently reaffirmed the legality of scraping public web data. Learn more aqui.

New automated process – comprehensive address to global regulation

As part of its commitment to global regulation and transparency, Bright Data has launched a new automated process to notify people if, or when, their PII (Personal Identifiable Information) has been collected throughout the public domain by one of Bright Data's web data collection products.

Bright Data only collects public web data, and if during this process someone's email address is collected - although the user made it public - Bright Data will take new steps to notify them and provide them with the option to remove the email address from the web data collection platform.

Furthermore, to offer full transparency to the wider population, Bright Data has also opened a searchable database to allow verified email users the ability to view and manage their own online presence, including the presence of their PII (i.e. email addresses).

This database provides individuals with the ability to not only discover but also control whether their email addresses should appear in the public domain and to take steps to remove them from the public web.