Poompatai Puntitpong

Software Engineer at Manatal

Manatal is a cloud-based recruitment software sold-as-service – SaaS. We transform the recruitment industry by simplifying and removing the friction across recruitment processes. We launched our operations in 2019, and we now serve 10,000+ organizations, hiring companies, and recruitment agencies in over 135 countries.

Recruitment solutions are traditionally dedicated to the large enterprise segment with high entry prices and steep learning curves, making them inaccessible for small and medium-sized companies.

Manatal was started to help organizations of all sizes to improve their recruitment practices to hire better, faster and reduce the costs associated. Our software includes an Applicant Tracking System and a recruitment CRM designed to simplify the recruiter’s job by leveraging the latest technologies.

Our platform’s simplicity helps recruiters streamline the entire hiring cycle at every stage of the process by automating mundane and redundant tasks. Our use cases include candidate sourcing, candidate profile enrichment, AI recommendation and scoring, team collaboration, and recruitment analytics.

Our customers typically have issues with getting more candidates. Manatal offers recruiters the capability to advertise jobs and receive applicants from over 2,000+ global and local job platforms in a few clicks. Our platform also comes with the capacity to create and customize a branded career page with a no-code approach.

Second, recruiters waste a significant amount of time screening resumes to identify the relevant candidates among multiple applicants. Manatal proprietary AI algorithms help hiring teams to score and rank the best candidates based on given job requirements, saving a tremendous amount of time for recruiters while improving the candidate experience.

Third, social media information has become vital in recruitment strategies. Manatal offers recruiters a social media enrichment system to get a holistic view of candidate profiles. Our recommendation engine also leverages such data points to make our matching capacity more accurate and reduce biases.

Finally is the challenge of communication. Recruiters typically juggle between multiple stakeholders, multiple decision-layers, and short timelines. Manatal was designed to fix the broken communication by integrating collaborative features such as messaging, notes,  activities, and reminders to ensure a smooth and collaborative workflow across recruiting teams, hiring managers, and recruitment agencies.

These features help Manatal client’s teams focus on recruiting top talents by improving the recruiting team productivity.

To perform our operations, we leverage a vast amount of first and third-party data to provide accurate candidate information to our clients. Our third-party data comes from public social media websites and community platforms such as Linkedin, GitHub, etc.

Getting access to a large volume of data points allows our algorithm to perform relevant and accurate recommendations, hence reducing our client’s time-to-hire and other recruitment core metrics.

Therefore, we started using Bright Data’s Web Scraper IDE to improve our candidate enrichment process.

The Web Scraper IDE replaced our need to use multiple tools to perform and maintain such operations. Overall, it contributed to drastically reducing the complexity of the process while maintaining a high degree of performance.

What we like best about Bright Data is the support team, who have been very responsive and attentive whenever we needed them.

At Manatal we believe that data plays a significant role in the recruitment space, especially with the democratization of artificial intelligence and machine learning; leveraging both contribute to a considerable improvement in the productivity and efficiency in the utterly complex challenge that recruitment represents nowadays.

We see a premium for recruitment agencies and talent acquisition teams who actively rethink their traditional approach to recruitment by integrating modern technologies. It is especially true for organizations that gain competitive advantages by leveraging a significant degree of automation in place of tedious and redundant tasks; so recruiters’ can focus on hiring the top talents.

Date provided: July/2022

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