Timo Helken

CTO at Remazing GmbH

Remazing GmbH is a renowned global provider, furnishing comprehensive services and software solutions to leading brands on Amazon and other online platforms. Having partnered with industry giants like Henkel, Beiersdorf, and Under Armour, They facilitate brands in carving their unique success stories across key markets. Their team of e-commerce specialists strategically develops localised strategies and implements content enhancements, advertising campaigns, and monitoring using our proprietary software solution – Remdash.
Remazing GmbH found in Bright Data a tool capable of tracking and analyzing critical product-related elements including pricing, categories, content, and imagery.This allowed them to amplify their clients’ optimization strategies on considerable e-commerce platforms like Amazon.
With Bright Data, they have managed to monitor a billion GB per annum. Furthermore, Bright Data’s efficient solutions have facilitated substantial resource conservation, saving us the need for about 5 data engineering roles.

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