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Business impact

  • Automatic monitoring of competitor’ pricing
  • Automated bidding for online marketing activities
  • Access large amounts of online public data to drive automation

About the company

Dataweps is a data collection and analytics company that provides e-commerce companies with tools to enhance and automate their everyday operations. Their products enable automatic monitoring of competitors’ pricing, automated bidding for online marketing activities, automated pricing processes as well as general market research. They also provide their customers with analysis of the online public data collected. Their customers are all different kinds of e-commerce companies, brands, and manufacturers. Some of their bigger customers include Alza, Philips, ASUS,, and Sportisimo.

The challenge

In order for Dataweps to drive the tools that enable their customers to make smarter, data-driven decisions, they needed access to large amounts of online public data.

The solution

Dataweps chose the Bright Data IPs and Residential IPs as well as the Bright Data Web Unlocker in order to access the large amounts of online public data necessary to drive their automation tools, and offer added value to their customers.

The outcome

With the use of Bright Data IPs, Residential IPs, as well as the Bright Data Web Unlocker, Dataweps is now able to access large amounts of public online data to drive their automated tools and the company can focus on analysis, advice, and recommendations for their customers.

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