Felipe Bianchi

COO, Gregario

Greario is a leading company from Chile specializing in competitive intelligence for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and food service industries. Our primary focus is web scraping, allowing us to capture 35 million data points daily. We are currently operating in Chile and México.

Our customer base consists of three main types: Digital channels of CPG companies, food service providers and quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchises. Each customer type relies on us to gather and analyze data to monitor their execution and closely monitor their competitors. For the first kind of customers, we scrap product information from e-commerce and delivery apps. For the other two, we scrap restaurant information from delivery apps and other sources. They all wish to monitor how they are executed and what their competition does.

We use public web data to understand the competitive dynamics of a market. In digitized markets, we can get all the offers capturing the web information. In some markets, we have realized that digital information is highly correlated with what’s happening in the real world!

We tested various proxy providers. After careful evaluation, we have selected Bright Data as our exclusive proxy provider. 

Bright Data has proven to be a reliable and high-performance partner, offering a wide range of features that meet our needs. Their competitive pricing and rock-solid reliability have made them an ideal match for our business.

We are delighted to announce that our satisfaction with Bright Data has led us to establish a business partnership with them. We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration and leveraging their services to enhance our web scraping capabilities.

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