Shameel Abdulla

Co-founder and CEO of Clootrack

Clootrack is a customer experience analytics platform. Leveraging an AI-driven engine, it gathers and analyzes billions of customer reviews to help brands understand their customers’ concerns, preferences, and positive experiences, all in real-time. Any B2C brand can use our platform, we work with over 150 large enterprises across the globe, consulting firms, and investment funds.

We collect publicly available web data from several sources for our platform to produce the best result: local and global review sites, eCommerce sites, and any public platform where customers give feedback on brand products or services. We also collect data from internal sources our customers share with us, like the NPS feedback, CSAT, call centers, and so on, that way Clootrack analyzes internal and public data to provide the most accurate insight.

When looking for a data provider for our platform, we sought a partner who could scrape public web data at scale, as our platform performs best with masses of data. Bright Data enables large-scale crawling that can be updated regularly. Bright Data collects the public data for us, and we put it together for our customers.

We’ve been working with Bright Data’s proxy infrastructure for six years to run crawlers at scale. To us, reliability is the most important part of data collection, and Bright Data’s infrastructure is as reliable as it gets. Data is supposedly the new oil, but if it is not collected in a reliable fashion, processed, and structured in a reliable manner, data is not very useful. By relying on Bright Data for scraping and structuring public web data for us, our customers get the best values. We plan to expand our collaboration with Bright Data and partner with them.

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