Solved! Web Unlocker is now powering the on-demand data revolution so companies can deliver industry-leading results

Using the same pool of IPs when attempting to collect data, as well as dealing with 2-step human logic-based blockades such as CAPTCHAs, and ongoing target site fingerprint reconfigurations are just the tip of the Titanic-sized iceberg that corporations are grappling with at present
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Solved! Web Unlocker is now powering the on-demand data revolution so companies can deliver industry-leading results

In this article we will discuss:

The problem: target site blockades are inhibiting access to target data sets 

Very often the toughest aspect of open-source data collection occurs in the ‘access stage’. This means that the target data should be publicly available but sites choose to make them hard-to-reach, typically in order to gain a competitive advantage. This can happen in a number of ways:

  1. IP repetition – This means that a company is trying to repeatedly access information from the same IP address, at which point a target site identifies this, and blocks the address in question. 
  2. CAPTCHAs – This is another way in which websites attempt controlling automated attempts at data collection as these types of ‘digital borders’ require human logic, and intervention in order to enable access. 
  3. Unique browser fingerprints- Site scripts can work to identify information about third-parties trying to access information, the sumtotal picture created is called a ‘fingerprint’, which can then be used to distort target information or completely block data collectors. These identifiers may include browser type, time zone that your systems use, browsing language, operating system, and the like

The solution: Web Unlocker is a cutting-edge AI/ML-based solution that delivers

Web Unlocker was developed as a solution that gives companies peace of mind by providing them with a 100% rate guarantee. It concretely addresses and circumvents data blockades in  the following ways:

  • Full-cycle IP rotation management – This means that it is able to automatically change/rotate Residential, and Datacenter IPs from around the globe, generating multiple new sessions using different time frames, status codes, as well as varying quantities of requests based on real-time target site behavior. Rotating IPs can handle an unlimited number of concurrent connections allowing you to scale up or down with zero limitations.
  • Auto-unlocking, and CAPTCHA-solving capabilities – Web Unlocker uses Machine Learning to learn the best ways to bypass target site blockades. This includes automated CAPTCHA-solving capabilities, as well as request routing management that enables data retrieval vis-a-vis the quickest, most cost-efficient routes. 
  • Real-time fingerprint customization – Web Unlocker algorithms are trained to use tailored fingerprint configurations. This technology avoids being categorized as a ‘suspicious entity’ by making use of things like ‘rate limitations’ meaning ‘loads are balanced’ by dividing them up amongst different IP addresses. Target sites are analyzed on an ongoing basis, and then settings are recalibrated on a per-domain basis, providing users with the best-in class success rates. 

How companies are leveraging Web Unlocker to deliver faster results for customers

Here are two companies that are unleashing the power of Web Unlocker in the context of their business cycle:

Company A: Electronic components, and computer industry 

This company has an estimated value of ~$30b with over 20,000 employees globally. They utilize Web Unlocker in order to gain access to, and ultimately collect product pricing data from 4-5 competitor websites. They kept on getting blocked on an ongoing basis. Unlocker now enables them to collect more accurate pricing, as well as avoid getting blocked so that they can perform better distribution and value-added services relating to electronic components and the computer products industry. 

Company B: Global healthcare production, and distribution

This is a Fortune 500 company with a market cap exceeding $230B in the global healthcare industry, playing a major role in the production and distribution of COVID vaccines. Serving as an entity that specializes, and plays a leadership role in international medical supply chains and wholesale processes, they need to collect daily retail information from major marketplaces as part of their operational tracking and analysis efforts. Web Unlcoker now helps them gain access to this information in real-time.

Company C: Digital networking optimization tool 

This startup developed a product that serves as an extension for internet browsers that integrates with their customers’ schedules and provides them with insights about the people they plan on meeting. They are using Web Unlocker in order to collect data from relevant, hard-to-access sites such as Crunchbase, Google News, LinkedIn, and others in real-time.

Company D: Enforcing music royalties 

This is a music monitoring company. They use software in order to find and aggregate publicly available tune data from social media networks such as Youtube, and TikTok in order to report back to their clients, including collective rights organizations, record labels, and publishers, working to ensure that royalties are paid, and credit is given whenever their proprietary music is played. 

The bottom line 

Companies working in the B2B space are increasingly coming into contact with customers that are in dire need of being able to accommodate the burgeoning real-time economy. Whether it’s gaining access to data points that shed light on brand infringements, widely impacting sales volume. Or information regarding pricing, special offers, and inventory that is paramount when looking to effectively compete.