Quick Guide To Installing Bright Data’s Proxy Chrome Extension

Step-by-step guide to learn how to quickly toggle between geographies in order to manually verify ads, and other web content.
Guide for installing the Bright Data's Chrome Browser Proxy Extension
Nadav Roiter - Bright Data content manager and writer
Nadav Roiter | Data Collection Expert

In this article we will discuss:

What are the advantages of using Bright Data’s Browser Extension? 

The Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension is a quick and easy way to manually collect data directly from the comfort of your Chrome Browser. You don’t need to have any special software and can download it in a matter of seconds (see the step-by-step guide below).

The Extension helps you change your geolocation so that you can easily perform routine tasks such as content/advertisement verification.  For example, if you placed an ad on an American website you can use a U.S.-based IP address to access the site, and see that the copy, images, and language appear exactly as intended.

When you need a different IP, either in the same country or in a different geography, all you need to do is hit ‘refresh’ or choose directly from the dropdown menu. If the IP type is important to you, then you can switch between Residential, and Mobile options, which can be easily managed from your browser or Bright Data dashboard.  

The main advantages include:

  • It is easy to use and does not require and prior coding knowledge 
  • You have full session control 
  • You can use the Extension in ‘incognito’ mode in order to help you avoid cookies, and web storage data collection
  • It integrates with the Bright Data Proxy Manager making it easier to mange, as well as opening you up to advanced settings 

How to install the Bright Data Proxy Browser Extension? 

In order to benefit from the Proxy Browser Extension, you have to first already have or create a new Bright Data account.

Then head on over to the Chrome Web Store, and hit ‘add to chrome’:   

Bright data chrome extension for your browser as seen in the chrome web store where it can be downloaded from

Then hit ‘add extension’: 

Clicking on the Add Extension option in the menu to install the browser extension so you'll have a proxy browser

Start using the extension by clicking on the icon at the top-right hand corner of your screen:

Screenshot of how it looks after you've installed the Bright Data browser extension

Now click the ‘on’ button to start collecting data using the extension from your web browser:

Bright Data Proxy Chrome Browser Extension showing the proxy set to OFF

Once it is turned on you will be able to choose what country you want to browse from and gain access to a local IP address so that you can retrieve the information you need. 

Here is a short video tutorial that you can watch to help guide you through the process:

The bottom line 

The Chrome Extension is part of our ‘Click & Collect’ solutions which are helping create increased accessibility using a ‘data-collection-for-all’ approach. It is an easy, and quick way to change your location, and perform tasks that require high resolution geotargeting. 

Nadav Roiter - Bright Data content manager and writer
Nadav Roiter | Data Collection Expert

Nadav Roiter is a data collection expert at Bright Data. Formerly the Marketing Manager at Subivi eCommerce CRM and Head of Digital Content at Novarize audience intelligence, he now dedicates his time to bringing businesses closer to their goals through the collection of big data.


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