Bright Data’s New ISP (Static Residential) IPs

Bright Data’s New ISP (Static residential) IPs are the perfect answer to a variety of proxy needs! Learn more about them here
static residential proxies
Boaz Weltman
Boaz Weltman | Business Manager

Online accounts are starting to become a crucial aspect of daily life. They are required to purchase goods, chat with friends and work with companies. Sometimes the product you want or site you would like to reach is not available where you are located. Bright Data now has the solution, with our new country or city targeted, ISP (Static residential) IPs.

What is a Static residential IP?

A Static residential IP is a residential IP purchased from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has been allocated for commercial use. ISP (Static residential) IPs are permanent IPs from your geolocation of interest, they behave like their residential counterpart except they do not rotate. These IPs are owned by and only used by the customer who purchased them.

What are ISP (Static residential) IPs used for?

ISP (Static residential) IPs are required for operations where an IP rotating can cause an issue with a form submission, an account log-out, getting banned from a site or blocked from a page altogether. This happens when making purchases on e-commerce sites, managing accounts on social media platforms and conducting business operations on common classifieds sites.

ISP (Static residential) IPs Key Features:

Purchase shared or exclusive ISP (Static residential) IPs depending on your needs. With immediate availability, pay-as-you-go pricing and speeds unlike other proxy providers these IPs can be yours for an hour or a lifetime!

Just assign one IP per account and you are ready to go. Stop worrying about getting banned, blocked or a verification emails again. With Bright Data’s ISP (Static residential) IPs with country or city targeting you can enjoy seamless account management, easy price comparison, limitless ticket purchasing, and unencumbered sneaker releases.

What you get by joining Bright Data’s proxy network:

  1. Your own personal Bright Data representative to set-up your account
  2. Access to the largest residential proxy network in the world
  3. 24/7 support no matter where you are
  4. We will match your first deposit of $20-250!

Boaz Weltman
Boaz Weltman | Business Manager

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