Riccardo Fuzzi

CEO & Founder at MyAppFree
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MyAppFree is a cross-device mobile app marketing platform fueled by data and technology. We help companies acquire new users at scale using a portfolio of in-house solutions designed to drive the most engaging ad experiences.

MyAppFree began as a platform promoting applications that allowed its visitors to discover new apps and limited-time offers. The business model was simple: every time a user downloaded an app, we were paid by the developer.

After our initial success, we started licensing our technology to publishers – our partners – which led to more advertisers, new budgets, and contracts. 

Now we have a software development kit (SDK) that is implemented in games and applications, to give advertisers the tools they need for better decision-making.

Within our SDK, we do our own analysis of end-user behavior for our advertisers. When a user sees a banner on our platform advertising an app, we track different data points in order to offer the best match between apps and users and generate value for our clients.

We also developed tools to allow our advertisers to perform ad verification looking at the entire ad digital journey by testing links that are device or location-restricted.

MyAppFree is a unique and focused way of advertising. While social media platforms and Google work on a CPM basis, our model works on CPI (click per install), so the advertiser only pays for new users.

Our focus on performance and the niche focus of our audience allows us to work with our customers to maximize their budgets and create advertisements that satisfy key performance indicators.

This is considering our audience is actively looking and interested in finding new applications, not stumbling upon one as they might do on social media. Therefore, they are more likely to engage with our clients’ apps, as they are willing to discover new products for their smartphone.

We use Bright Data’s Residential and Mobile network to perform ad verification and testing on the 6,000+ campaigns we have running globally for all of our advertisers.

The links we anchor to the advertisements are protected by a country or device target – if you don’t have this device or are not in this country, the link won’t work. 

We coded a custom solution to verify all the links and we plug it directly into the Bright Data network. By doing it we bypass defrauding procedures as the actions utilizing the network are read as real requests. 

Later on, we built Tracey, an automated tool for Skype to track the redirect chains of digital ads and links without leaving the chat. Tracey is currently testing more than 2,000 links per day and became a verified automated tool by Microsoft.

We license out both described solutions to publishers and partners, who then verify their advertisements using our technology.

With Bright Data we were able to scale, run more advertisements and now we can manage multiple campaigns for each of our direct advertisers that run simultaneously alongside one another.

Using the Bright Data network we were able to double the profit of our company, which had not gone unnoticed by the Financial Times who ranked MyAppFree 91st on its list of “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2022.”

In the future we plan to expand our SDK further into the gaming industry, which is suffering from retention drops due to showing excessive advertisements.

We learned a lot in the past years working directly with app developers, and we believe we have the capability to improve advertising for the benefits of both users and advertisers – so we will work to make ads fun again.

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