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Get up to 15 datacenter proxy IPs and 2GB/month with all the added features of paid services. Need more proxy IPs? Easily upgrade to any of our proxy plans.

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Free Proxies FAQ

Bright Data offers four free proxy solutions to meet various needs:

  • Anonymous Proxies: These top-performing anonymous proxies let you access websites anonymously, routing traffic through a vast Residential IP Network of over 72 million IPs, concealing your true location.
  • Rotating Proxies: Bright Data's rotating proxies are ideal for web scraping, with a 99.99% success rate. They frequently change the proxy IP address to prevent flagging or blocking, and you can manage IP rotation easily through the Proxy Manager.
  • Shared Proxies: Whether you require rotating or static IPs, shared proxies are versatile for tasks like data collection, social media management, and ad verification. They are cost-effective as usage is shared among multiple users.
  • Dedicated Proxies: For exclusive access, Bright Data offers dedicated proxies with IPs in 195 countries and major cities worldwide, allowing you to retain your IPs as long as needed.

Bright Data offers up to 15 datacenter proxy IPs and 2GB/month with all the added features of paid services.

You can test our proxies just like you would with any other proxies. Simply visit our Control Panel (CP) and select your preferred proxy to use and test.

Bright Data offers premium paid plans that cater to more advanced and intricate use cases. For all plans visit our proxy pricing page 

Each customer gets 15 IPs and can refresh them for free as many times he wants.

Yes, all of Bright Data's proxies originate from reputable sources. We consistently conduct quality checks on our proxies to ensure our customers have access to the finest proxy sources available.

Yes, All of our proxies are secure and can offer anonymity if you opt for it, just like our other proxy services.