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  • 72M+ stable residential IPs
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Residential proxies

Make your residential proxies infrastructure unstoppable

Unmatched performance and scale

Global network

Largest Residential Proxy IP Network

The residential proxy network is built of +72 million IPs from 195 countries


Best Residential Proxy Infrastructure

Unlimited scale and customizing from any city, state, or country


Most Stable Residential Proxy Network

Bright Data has the highest success rates of any residential IPs provider

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Best Performing Residential Proxies

99.9% - highest success rates of any residential proxy provider

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Top Residential Proxy IP Speeds

99.99% Network Uptime, plus a real-time network status monitor

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Immediate Proxy Access

Get started hassle-free using SSL verification

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Residential Proxy Network Pricing

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Ideal for low-volume, flexible proxy needs.
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Residential proxies
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Perfect for small businesses with moderate usage.
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Suited for larger operations with extensive requirements.
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Best for enterprises with large-scale operations.
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Residential proxies
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Residential Proxies 2.0 - Enjoy free unblocking features not found elsewhere

Bypass advanced anti-bots by automating your unlocking process

Browser Fingerprinting

Emulate real users' browsers to simulate a human experience


Analyze and solve CAPTCHAs and challenge-response tests

Manage Specific User Agents

Automatically mimic different types of browsers and devices

Set Referral Headers

Simulate traffic originating from popular or trusted websites

Handle Cookies

Prevent potential blocks imposed by cookie-related factors

Automatic Retries and IP Rotation

Continually retry requests, and rotate IPs, in the background

Worldwide Geo-Coverage

Access localized content from any country, city, state or ASN

JavaScript Rendering

Extract data from websites that rely on dynamic elements

Data Integrity Validations

Ensure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of data

Benefits of Bright Data's residential proxies

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Powerful infrastructure allows customers to sucessfully scrape by providing limitless concurrent connections with zero code modification.

ethical proxies

Ethically sourced proxies

Our residential proxies are sourced from peers who have explicitly agreed to participate, ensuring the highest ethical standards and superior quality.

Global proxies

Global Reach & targeting

Access over 72 million residential IPs from 195 countries with precise targeting options including city, state, country, ZIP code, and ASN level - completely free.

proxy badges

Powered by an award-winning residential proxy infrastructure

Over 72 million residential proxy IPs, best-in-class technology and the ability to target any country, city, ZIP Code, carrier, & ASN make our premium residential proxy services a top choice for developers.

82% Off - Cut your scraping costs82% Off - Cut your scraping costs

Cut your scraping costs

  • Automated session management and IP rotation
  • Minimize failure with 100% ethically-sourced residential IPs
  • Natively integrated with advanced web unlocking technology
  • Dedicated monitoring and analytics for greater reliability
Compliant proxies

100% compliant residential proxies

To protect your reputation and ensure your data is reliable, your residential proxies must be sourced ethically and meet compliance standards. Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights.

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Why developers prefer Bright Data's residential proxies

  • Highest quality data
  • Largest GEO coverage
  • Best network uptime
  • Fastest output

Best Performance

The highest success rate in the industry


Non-stop Innovation

New feature releases every day

Trustpilot rating 4.6

Most Reliable

Enterprise-grade scaling

No-hassles integration for an easy start

  • Manage your IPs from the Bright Data Control Panel or API
  • Documentation for developers
  • Supports third-party software integration
  • Create and manage sub-users
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Easy-to-use with the web’s most-popular Proxy Manager

  • Most popular user-friendly proxy dashboard
  • Organize proxies with easy-to-use interface
  • No-hassle integration for first-timers
  • Define custom rules for optimized results
  • Built for developers. Powered for the enterprise

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Residential proxies FAQ

Residential proxies provide the capability to select a desired location, such as a country, city, or zip code, enabling users to collect web data as if they were physically present in that area. Acting as intermediaries, residential proxies shield users from regular web traffic, serving as buffers that safeguard your online activities while concealing your actual IP address. Essentially, residential proxies offer alternate IP addresses assigned to users by the provider, granting a higher level of anonymity and flexibility in web data collection.

Residential proxies give you the ability to access and scrape sophisticated target websites that your business would not otherwise have access to because of location-based blockades. You’ll be able to scrape, view information and collect data using real user IPs–see how your ads appear to consumers around the world, or what prices are being displayed to customers in another location. Send an increased number of concurrent requests meaning your data collection efforts will almost never be slowed down by proxies or target sites.

A residential proxy network can be utilized for various purposes. It’s essential for Bright Data to ensure that our clients use it responsibly and within the boundaries of the law and ethical guidelines. Here are some common use cases for a residential proxy network:

  1. Bypassing Geolocation Restrictions: Some websites and online services may be restricted or limited to specific geographical regions. By using residential proxies from different locations, you can access such content as if you were physically located in those regions.
  2. Web Scraping: Researchers, marketers, and data analysts often use residential proxies to gather data from websites at scale. Web scraping with residential proxies allows them to avoid IP bans or detection and collect data from multiple sources without raising suspicion.
  3. Price Comparison and Market Research: Residential proxies enable businesses to conduct price comparison and market research by accessing competitor websites and monitoring product prices and availability without revealing their actual IP addresses.
  4. Social Media Management: Social media marketers can use residential proxies to manage multiple accounts across various platforms without being flagged for suspicious activity.
  5. Ad Verification: Advertisers and marketers use residential proxies to verify the display of their ads and correct placement
  6. SEO Monitoring: Professionals in search engine optimization (SEO) can use residential proxies to track search engine rankings from different locations, enabling them to analyze regional performance and assess the effectiveness of SEO strategies.
  7. Security Testing: In the context of cybersecurity, companies may use residential proxies to test the security of their websites and applications, identifying potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
  8. Privacy and Anonymity: Residential proxies can help protect your online identity and maintain anonymity by hiding your real IP address. This can be useful when browsing the web, accessing restricted content, or preventing websites from tracking your activities.

The cost of a residential proxy network depends on various factors, such as the number of proxies required, the amount of GB used, and the level of service and support.

Generally, residential proxy pricing is based on one of the following models:

  • Pay-as-you-go: We offer a pay as you go pricing model, where you pay a fixed rate per GB.
  • Subscription Plans: For our residential proxies, we offer plans with different tiers based GB used. Our residential proxy pricing options include pay as you go, monthly , yearly, and custom subscriptions.
  • Bandwidth Usage: Providers may charge based on the amount of bandwidth you consume while using their residential proxies. This model may be suitable for users with varying proxy usage needs.
  • Custom Enterprise Plans: For larger enterprises or organizations with specific needs, we offer custom pricing models for our residential proxies that are tailored based on customer needs.

Bright Data offers a free trial period for users who want to test their residential proxies before committing to a paid plan. During this trial period, you can access our residential proxy network and use our IPs for your intended purposes without being charged.

To buy residential proxies from Bright Data, you must first create an account. Once your account is set up, navigate to the dashboard and residential proxies. Configure your proxy network according to your needs and click save. Complete the payment process.

The bandwidth is calculated according to the sum of data transmitted to and from the target site: request headers+request data (POST)+response headers+response data. Note that traffic used during your trial will be listed on your dashboard but will not be counted towards your bill.

Bright Data has built a unique consumer IP model by which all involved parties are fairly compensated for their voluntary participation. App owners install a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) to their applications and receive monthly remuneration based on the number of users who opt-in. App users can voluntarily opt-in and are compensated through an ad-free user experience or enjoy an upgraded version of the app they are using for free. These consumers or ‘peers’ serve as the basis of our network and can opt-out at any time. This model has brought into existence an unrivaled, first of its kind, ethically sound, and compliant network of real consumers.

Bright Data offers two types of Residential Proxies: Shared IPs and Dedicated IPs. Shared IPs are used by multiple customers and are cost-efficient. Dedicated IPs are used by you only, providing IP exclusivity.

Yes, using residential proxies is completely legal. It is, however, possible to misuse them for illegitimate purposes and that’s why we have a strict KYC process in place.

KYC or, know your customer, is the verification process required of all new residential proxy users. The process involves a short video call with someone on Bright Data’s compliance team who will ask basic questions about the customer and their use case. The team will review and reject any customer request to use Bright Data for an ‘unapproved’ use case.

The residential proxy network is also available for immediate use, without a verification call, for a growing list of 230+ websites.

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