WebHarvy Proxy Integration with Bright Data

WebHarvy is a web scraping tool that can easily extract text, HTML, images, URLs, and emails from websites and save the extracted content in various formats. If you are running a large scraping operation, using one of the proxy services Bright Data offers will help you increase the success rates and send a lot more concurrent requests to the same target.

Setting up WebHarvy

  • Download and install WebHarvy Web Scraper
  • Go to Webharvy → Home tab → Settings → Proxy Settings

Setting up Bright Data account

  • Sign up for Bright Data’s Proxy Network
  • Go to your Bright Data dashboard
  • In the Integrate with Bright Data Proxy Network section, select With a crawler or a bot option
  • Click the Next button
  • On the API Examples page, you will see the following details:
    Proxy address, Port number, User name, and Password
  • Go back to WebHarvy Proxy settings and paste the details from Bright Data to WebHarvy Proxy settings
  • Click on the + button
  • Click Apply

Please note:
Webharvy will use proxy servers only during mining.
The configuration browser of Webharvy will not use this proxy server, so if you check the IP address within the configuration browser, it will still be the original IP of your computer.
To make the configuration browser use the proxy server, you should set the proxy address directly in Windows.

To disable the proxy server, you just need to uncheck the Enable Network connection via Proxy server checkbox at Webharvy → Home Menu → Settings → Proxy Settings Tab.

Alternatively, you can use our own data collection tool for a quicker and easier process.