ubuntu proxy integration

Ubuntu Proxy Integration

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a popular open-source Linux distribution. It’s an OS that provides an alternative to proprietary operating systems like Windows or macOS. Created by Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu is known for its user-friendly interface, stability, regular updates, and strong community support.

Key features of Ubuntu:

  • Open Source: Ubuntu is built on open-source principles, which means its source code is freely available for anyone to view, modify, and distribute.
  • Variants: Apart from the standard desktop version, Ubuntu offers variants tailored for different uses such as server deployments, cloud computing , lightweight systems, and more.
  • Package Management: It uses the APT package manager along with.
  • Unity and GNOME: In earlier versions, Ubuntu used the Unity desktop environment. Later versions shifted back to GNOME as the default desktop environment.

How to setup Ubuntu
with Bright Data proxies:

Create zone

Create a Zone in Bright Data:

Initiate the integration process with Linux by creating a zone as per your requirements. For this guide, we’re creating an ISP zone.

Choose IP and domian

Choose IP type and domains:

In this guide, we will choose dedicated IP. Ensure to include your targeted domains or opt for the “All domains” setting for multiple site targeting.

Procure access parameters

Procure Access Parameters:

Get the proxy access parameters, including: host, username, and password

Ubuntu start tab

Press ubuntu start tab

On Ubuntu, click on the start tab

ubunut network

Write in the search bar 'Network' > and click on 'Network'.

In the search bar look for ‘Network’ and click on it

Network options

After clicking network:

Once you click on Network, you’ll find three options: “Wired”, “VPN”, and “Network Proxy”. Click on “Network Proxy”.

proxy and port

HTTP proxy and port:

Fill in brd.superproxy.io and in port write 22225. Once you close the Network Proxy window, the changes will automatically be saved and the system-wide proxy will be activated.


Exit window and open browser:

Exit this window and open any browser, you will be asked to enter you credentials from step 3.

IP allocation

Check IP allocation:

Target https://lumtest.com/myip.json to check if the ip allocated to you is the correct one.

Bright Data's Proxy Manager:

You can also install in our Proxy Manager application tool.
Bright Data Proxy Manager is an application where you can control, manage, and monitor all of your proxies either from our app interface or via API.

If you decide to download our Proxy Manager make sure you get back to automate in the ubuntu network settings because you cant target Bright Data website with our own proxies.

Proxy manager ubuntu

Download Proxy Manager:

To download proxy manager open terminal in ubuntu
Write there : curl -L https://brightdata.com/static/lpm/luminati-proxy-latest-setup.sh | bash

Proxy manager terminal

After Proxy Manager installation:

Write in the terminal proxy-manager

proxy manager open

Click on the generated link:

Click on the generated link, once done the Proxy manager will open.

Click start

Click on “Start”

Click on the generated link, once done the Proxy manager will open.

change ip

Change the zone to isp and press next

Change the zone to ISP and then click on Next, no need to change anything under the ‘Configuration’ tab

Create port

Press “create proxy port”.

When done, click on ‘Create proxy port’

Proxy manager via terminal

Proxy Manager via terminal:

If you want to use the Proxy Manager via the terminal copy the following example snippet and run it in the terminal.

Chromium browser

Proxy Manager via Chromioum browser:

If you would like to use the proxy manager with our integrated Chromioum browser just click on “Browse” as shown below.


To wrap up, setting up Bright Data proxies with Ubuntu is a simple way to improve your online experience. With Ubuntu’s ability to redirect any internet app through a proxy, and Bright Data’s secure service, you gain more control and flexibility. This combination offers better speed, privacy, and allows you to manage your internet activities easily. It’s a smart choice for all internet users.

Get proxies for Ubuntu

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