TexAu Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to setup your TexAu proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data’s Proxy API.

TexAu is a growth automation software that includes easy-to-use tools for lead generation, market research, and competitive intelligence.

Setting up TexAu

  • Download and install TexAu
  • Login to TexAu and go to the accounts page
  • Go to the Proxy tab and click on the New Proxy button

Preparing your Bright Data account

  • Sign up or Login to Bright Data
  • Go to Tools → API → Other Software
  • Here you will find: Proxy, Port, User, and Password
  • Within TexAu you will require these fields:
    ProxyName, Proxy URL, Username, and password
    1. ProxyName: can be anything you like.
      We recommend writing something like CITYNAME-PROVIDER to easily identify this proxy including its zone type and geolocation
    2. Proxy: this will be in the following format:
    3. Username: Is the same as your user data
    4. Password: Your proxy password data

Now we have the data ready to add to TexAu

Integrate your proxy credentials into TexAu

  • Add all the details that we prepared from the previous steps and click on the Test proxy button
  • Click on Update proxy and you’re all set.

Using a proxy with TexAu Spices

Now you can use a proxy with any Spice, simply click on the Use Proxy switch and select the proxy you want to use

Proxy with TexAu Recipes

On your Recipe page, you’ll find the same switch Use Proxy, simply enable it and select the proxy you want to use, click Save Recipe