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Sphere Browser Proxy Integration

What is Linken Sphere Browser?

Sphere Browser, acclaimed for its Chromium-based anti-detection capabilities, is an essential tool for managing multiple online identities with heightened privacy. This browser changes or encrypts detectable data, providing each session with a disposable virtual identity. This guide outlines the integration of Bright Data's proxies with Sphere Browser on Mac OS. Though the process is similar across other operating systems, ensuring a seamless setup to enhance online anonymity and security.

Steps to integrate Sphere Browser with Bright Data proxies:

Add zone

Sign up to Bright Data:

After signing up, in the Bright Data dashboard, navigate to the “Proxy & Scraping Infrastructure” section and Add a new designated Zone for your proxy usage.

Select proxy type

Select proxy type:

In this example, we will show how to set up ISP proxies.

Select IP type

Name proxy solution:

Set the desired IP type, shared IPs, dedicated IPs, or premium IPs.

Number of IPs

Select IP count:

Fill in the number of IPs you need.

select city and country for ip

Country & city selection:

Choose your desired country and city for the IP location.

choose domain

Choose domain:

Use specific domains or use ‘All domains’ for one IP to target websites using the same IP.

click add

Add zone:

Click the “Add” button to create the Zone.

access parameters

Access parameters:

Click on the name of your Zone, navigate to the “Access Parameters” tab, and note down the proxy credentials:

  1. host
  2. port
  3. username
  4. password
download sphere browser

Download and Install Sphere Browser:

  1. Navigate to the Linken Sphere Browser official website.
  2. Select and download the version of Sphere Browser that matches your operating system.
  3. After downloading, open the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to install Sphere Browser. Once installed, launch the browser.
sphere login

Setting Up Your Sphere Browser Account:

Upon launching Sphere Browser, sign up for a new account if you are a first-time user. If you already have an account, simply log in.

sphere proxy manager

Access Proxy Manager:

Open Sphere Browser and locate the ‘proxy manager‘ option. Click to open the proxy settings area.

configure http proxy

Configuring a new 'HTTP' proxy:

In the proxy configuration settings, use the dropdown menu to change the proxy type to ‘HTTP’.

enter proxy credentials

Enter Bright Data Proxy Credentials:

  • Input your Bright Data proxy credentials in the format: ip:port@login:pass. For instance, “”.
  • You can find these credentials in your Bright Data dashboard, under the ‘Access Parameters’ of your selected proxy zone.
validate proxy

Validating the Proxy Configuration:

  • After entering the credentials, use the ‘Check proxy’ function to ensure proper setup.
  • Once verified, save the proxy settings and close the proxy manager.
new session

Initiate a New Session:

To start utilizing the proxy, click on ‘+ New Session’.

access proxy settings

Access Proxy Settings:

In the session configuration section, click on the ‘Set Proxy’ button to link the desired proxy with your session.

apply configured session

Apply Configured Proxy to Session:

Choose the previously configured proxy for your session and click ‘Set’ to confirm its application, ensuring the session utilizes the selected Bright Data proxy.

customized session

Customizing the Session:

Adjust the session settings as per your preference, ensuring it aligns with your specific browsing needs.

launch session

Launching the Session with Bright Data Proxy:

Run the session by initiating it. Once the session is active, double-click on it to open a Sphere Browser window that utilizes the Bright Data proxy settings.


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Bright Data proxies with Sphere Browser, enhancing your online security and privacy with ease.

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