Proxifier Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to setup your Proxifier proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data's Proxy IPs

Proxifier is an advanced proxy client that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through SOCKS or HTTPS proxy and chains.

Setting up Proxifier

  • Download and install Proxifier
  • Run Proxifier

You can download and use our profile with predefined settings or follow the next steps and create all settings manually

  • Go to Profile → Name Resolution
  • Uncheck Detec DNS settings automatically under the Prixifier DNS settings
  • Check Resolve hostnames through proxy under the Prixifier DNS settings
  • Select Block (allow system resolver only) under the DNS Processing on UDP Level section
  • Go to Profile → Proxy Servers
  • Click Add and define Bright Data’s proxy server with the following credentials:
    – Address:
    – Port: 24000
    – Protocol: SOCKS Version 5
  • Once added it should look like this:
  • Go to Profile → Proxification Rules
  • Add the following rules:
    – Name: Proxy Manager
    – Applications: "luminati proxy manager.exe"
    – Action: Direct
    – Name: Proxy
    – Target ports: 80; 443;
    – Action: Proxy SOCKS5
    Proxification Rules should look like the following (the order is important).
    Please make sure that there are predefined Localhost, Default rules and they are set to DirectKeep Proxifier running and use your Internet applications without any built-in proxy settings. All connections to port 80 and 443 will go through Bright Data network as defined in Proxy Manager
    In case of any problems please set Log → Screen_Log → Verbose in Proxifier, reproduce the problem and examine the Proxifier output
Contact our sales team

We’ll be happy to schedule a call and one of our representative will help you set-up your proxy settings for your use case.