PhantomBuster Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to setup your PhantomBuster proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data's Proxy IPs

PhantomBuster is a code-free automations and data extraction software that lets you automate actions and extract data from the web.

PhantomBuster Proxy Integration with Bright Data

  • Here is a step by step guide to integrate PhantomBuster:
  • Before setting up your PhantomBuster integration, we recommend you to create an ISP zone with exclusive IP, so PhantomBuster could log in to your social network accounts. Don’t forget to add your targeted domains, or use “All domains” setting to target multiple sites with the same IP.
  • Here is an example of zone settings:
  • Open your API and integration tab, select the zone you have created, choose “other software”, and leave the tab open in the browser. You will need these credentials in the next step.
  • Go to PhantomBuster home page and sign up for the service here (14 days trial)
  • After creating your account, go to the Proxies settings page:
  • Click on “New proxy pool” button and create a new pool
  • Name your pool (for example, Bright Data):
  • On the opened window use your credentials from the Bright Data API and integration page
  • Go back to your PhantomBuster dashboard
  • Go to your Phantom setup menu
  • Go to settings, and chose “Show advanced settings” option:
  • In the proxy settings, choose the proxy pool you have created before on the proxy settings:
  • Click the save button. Your Phantom will use your Bright Data zones for all the new jobs
  • Please note: you will need to leave your zone whitelist setting as “any” to this service able to connect to your zone.

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