Maskfog proxy integration

Maskfog Proxy Integration

Learn how to integrate with Bright Data’s proxy services through Maskfog proxy setting

Maskfog offers multi-account management, advanced fingerprint parameters, and rich plugin support. All of Bright Data’s proxy services can be integrated with Maskfog.

Now, follow the steps below to integrate Maskfog with Bright Data’s proxies:

  1. First of all, access the official website of Maskfog.
  2. Log in to your Bright Data account, go to [Proxies] page and choose a proxy, and click [Edit].

  3. Click the [Download IPs list] and you will get a txt file.
  4. Open the txt file, where you can find detailed information of every proxy. Each proxy information starts from “” as shown below.
  5. Now, download and install the Maskfog software.
  6. Log in to the Maskfog if you have already signed up.
  7. Click [New Profile] -> [Single Import].
  8. Fill in Name (optional).
  9. Select a group for browser.
  10. Select User Agent (OS and browser version).
  11. [Proxy] -> select [Custom proxy], and choose proxy type as Luminati. Paste a proxy information you got in Bright Data TXT file into [Proxy host]. After that, Proxy Host, Proxy Port, username and password will be filled automatically. Please click [Check Proxy].
  12. “Connection test passed!” means this proxy is available.
  13. “Connection test failed!” means there is no connection between your Internet and the proxy server. Please refer to “How to check your proxy” to solve this problem.
  14. Information -> Account Platform. Select the platform you want to access. If the drop-down box doesn’t contain the platform you need, you can select [other] to input a specified URL.
  15. Fill in Username (the username of your account on the platform, optional).
  16. Fill in Password (the password of your account on the platform, optional).
  17. Fill in Cookies (optional).
    Note: Please un-tick the [Check Duplicate] boxes if you don’t fill both account info and cookies.
  18. Fill in Notes (optional).

Advanced settings

  1. Browser fingerprints are set by default, while you can change them if you need specific setting. You can find Profile Summary on the right side.
  2. Click the OK button to view the newly created profile in the [Profile Management] page. Click the Open button to launch this browser.
  3. Please refer to the [Batch Import] chapter if you need to batch import profiles.

About Bright Data proxies:

Residential proxies: With over 72 million real IPs from 195 countries, Bright Data’s residential proxies enable you to access any website content regardless of location, while avoiding IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

ISP proxies: With over 700,000 ISP IPs, leverage real static IPs from any city in the world, assigned by ISPs and leased to Bright Data for your exclusive use, for as long as you require.

Datacenter proxies: With over 770,000 datacenter IPs, Bright Data’s datacenter proxy network is built of multiple IP types across the world, in a shared IP pool or for individual purchase.

Mobile proxies: With over 7 million mobile IPs, Bright Data’s advanced Mobile IP Network offers the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G/5G IPs network in the world.

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