Insomniac Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to setup your Insomniac proxy settings and integrate with Bright Data’s Proxy IPs

Insomniac is an online purchasing tool allowing you to hide your digital footprint through its multi-session browser

Insomniac browser allows you to apply one proxy per tab and hide your online footprint by applying a different IP address for every tab you open.

Set-up for Insomniac browser

  • Download and install the Insomniac browser
  • Open Insomniac browser
  • Click on Insomniac Proxy Per Tab → Manage Proxy List
  • In the extension, click the Add a Single Proxy tab

Integrating Bright Data with Insomniac

  • Go to your Bright Data Dashboard and click Create a Zone
  • Choose your Network Type
  • Click Save
  • In Insomniac Proxy Per Tab click on the Add single Proxy tab and copy your proxy details:
    • Host name:
    • Port: 22225
    • Username: enter your Bright Data Zone username
  • Copy the Bright Data Zone password (found in the Zone settings) to the password field in Insomniac
  • Click Add proxy
  • In the Proxy Per Tab extension, select Rotate through the proxy in order
    This particular selection will automatically select a proxy port for each tab in linear order versus random order

Integrating Multiple Proxy Manager ports with Insomniac

  • Download Proxy Manager
  • Click Add new Proxy to create a new port
  • Select the new port (24XXX)
  • Go to the General tab in the port settings
  • In the Multiply proxy port field select the number of proxy ports to create. This will create multiple proxy ports with the same settings
  • Your Spreadsheet Contains the following columns:
    • Custom Name: Add a name for each proxy
    • Host:
    • Port: 24XXX
    • Username, Password, and Tags: leave EMPTY(the Proxy Manager has already been authenticated with the Super Proxy)
    • Save the file as a CSV and not as an XLS or XLSX
    • In Insomniac Proxy per tab extension select Manage Proxy list, and select Add bulk proxies
    • Select Import proxy list and upload the CSV file

Watch our integration video below: