Helium Scraper Proxy integration

Helium Scraper Proxy Integration

What is Helium Scraper?

Helium Scraper provides a visual interface that allows users to define the data they want to extract by pointing and clicking on the elements on a webpage. It often includes features like automatic data extraction, data transformation, and the ability to navigate through multiple pages.

How to setup Helium Scraper with Bright Data proxies:

Setting up Helium Scraper

  • Download and install Helium Scraper
  • Launch Helium Scraper and select File → Proxy List
  • If the list contains any items, press the Clear button

Bright Data proxies and Helium Scraper integration

  • Go to your Bright Data Dashboard and click Add Zone
  • Select a network type and press Add Zone
  • Back in your Bright Data dashboard, choose a Zone name
  • Take note of your Zone username and password
  • Switch back to the Helium Scraper proxy list and enter:
    • Address: brd.superproxy.io
    • Port: 22225
    • User Name: Your Zone user name
    • Password: Your Zone password
  • Press OK
Adding a new zone to Helium Scraper proxy

Bright Data proxies and Helium Scraper integration

  • Install the Proxy Manager
  • Click Add new proxy and choose the Zone and settings you require, and click Save
  • Switch back to Helium Scraper’s proxy list and enter:
    • Address:
    • Port: Your proxy port 24XXX (shown on the Proxy Manager)
    • User Name: Leave this blank
    • Password: Leave this blank
  • Press OK
Adding a new proxy on the "Proxy List"

Enabling proxies on a Helium Scraper project

After following the steps above, proxies will be enabled for Helium Scraper and are available for every Helium Scraper project.
To configure any particular project to use the proxies, follow these steps:

  • Create or load a project by clicking FileNew or File
  • Select ProjectSettings
  • Under the Proxies category, set Enable Proxies to True and press OK
Setting "Enable Proxies" to True on the settings section

Get proxies for Helium Scraper

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