Chrome proxy integration

Chrome Proxy Integration

Using Proxies with Chrome

In the modern digital landscape, ensuring a safe, efficient, and unrestricted browsing experience has never been more crucial. This article explains the benefits and process of integrating the world’s number one proxy service, Bright Data proxies, with your Google Chrome browser.

Configuring Proxy Settings in Chrome

Follow these steps to fortify your Chrome browser with proxy protection:

Setting proxies in chrome

Open Chrome:

Once you open Chrome,  click on the menu (three vertical dots) in the top right corner. Choose ‘Settings’.

setting proxies in chrome step 2

Select 'System' from the left menu.

Click on “Wi-Fi” in the sidebar, then click the “Details” button beside your connected network.

chrome proxy settings

Click on 'Open your computer’s proxy settings'.

Navigate to the “Proxies” tab and select a protocol to configure.

Chrome proxy configuration

Chrome doesn’t offer built-in proxy settings. Instead, it takes you to your computer’s default proxy settings. To configure the proxy further with Chrome, refer to the guides specific to Windows or macOS.
Keep in mind: These proxy changes will affect all apps on your computer, not just Chrome.

Get proxies for Chrome

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