Antik integration with Bright Data

Learn how to quickly set up Antik app with a BrightData proxy

Learn how to quickly set up the Antik app with a Bright Data proxy.

With the Antik app, you can create and manage multi-accounts on any online platform in a few clicks.

Using Bright Data Proxy you will get access to cost effective and performant Data Center proxies Data Center servers and high quality Residential and Mobile proxies with advanced geotargeting capabilities

Setting up a proxy in your Bright Data account

Log in to your Bright Data account, go to the ‘Proxies’ menu.

'Proxies' menu

On the proxy page, select the Datacenter proxy type and click ‘Get Started’ – you will be taken to the proxy settings menu.

Datacenter proxies, click on get started

In the settings menu, select the appropriate proxy type:

  • Shared – access to a common pool of resident IP addresses in different, pay only for use
  • Dedicated – dedicated IP groups for target domains, pay per address

In the field below, enter the required number of IP addresses (A) and select geotargeting settings (B) – proxies will be tied to these locations, and specify the group of target domains (C) that will be accessed through the selected proxies; all other domains will be accessed through the Bright Data super proxy.

setting up the proxy

Click ‘Add Proxy’ – the configured zone has appeared in your personal account.

Now, go to the Zone settings again.

Click ‘Download Dedicated residential IPs list’ – the selected proxy settings will be downloaded as a list to your device.

Download a list of residential proxy IPs

At this stage we are done, now we can move on to the Antik set-up.

Setting-up Antik

Log-in to the Antik app. You can register and download it here.

Go to the ‘Proxy’ tab and click ‘Create’ – you will be redirected to Proxy list creating menu.

Create new proxy on Antik

Select the proxy download type by File. Click on the field or drag and drop the previously uploaded Excel file with a proxy.

Import the list of proxies you downloaded previously

After that, your proxies will appear in the field below. Right there you can check them for operability (A)
and if everything is ok click ‘Import Proxy’ (B) to load them into the Proxy menu.

Checking imported proxies
The list of proxies - clicking on edit proxy

In order to quickly find the required proxy in the list, you can specify a proxy name.

Now, in the proxy tab, click on the proxy panel and click ‘Edit Proxy’. In the modal window that appears, specify a proxy name.

Edit proxy section

Create a new profile

Go to the ‘Profiles’ tab and click ‘Create’.

Creating a new profile

Enter a Profile name and in the ‘Proxy’ section set the ‘From List’ value. Select the target proxy from the list that appears and click ‘Create’.

the 'Proxy' section set the 'From List' value

The created profile will appear in the profiles menu.

The profile appears in the profiles section

Congratulations, you are now ready to get started!

Bulk profile creation

Go to the ‘Mass Creation’ tab and specify the required number of profiles, enter a name mask.

Bulk profile creation

In the proxy field, drag or specify the path to the previously downloaded proxy excel file and click ‘Create’.

Importing the list of proxies

Congrats – the created profiles with proxies will appear on the profiles page.

Created profiles with proxies