Are you Managing Social Media Accounts? You Need Bright Data And Multilogin

Managing Accounts? Find out about device fingerprints and browsing environments here.
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Bright Data and Multilogin to browse using multiple social media accounts

By simulating devices you can successfully manage multiple accounts all from one machine.

Multilogin is a software that allows for the creation of separate browsing environments enabling the control of multiple accounts across multiple platforms.

It provides device fingerprinting protection along with easy browser and workflow automation to guarantee a high success rate.

What is device fingerprinting?
It is a unique identifier of a user that is visiting a website or multiple websites.

This unique identifier is called a ‘device fingerprint‘. It is composed of data regarding the configuration of the user’s browser and it’s software and hardware environment when a user visits a website.

Multilogin’s software, built to handle device fingerprints, developed a method of replacing rather than eliminating your original fingerprint resulting in seamless account management from one device.

The right fingerprints and browsing environment, although required for account management, cannot hide your IP address.

When rotating through multiple accounts, the right IP address will be the one undermining feature that can result in captcha or getting an account blocked altogether.

Bright Data’s Residential Network consisting of +72 million real-user Ips is the final step in ensuring the proper emulation of a real-user.

Combining Bright Data in tandem with Multilogin can allow you to manage an unlimited number of accounts all across the world, from the same device

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