Proxies for Instagram Bots and How to Get Them

Learn how companies are using Instagram bots to acquire new account followers, respond to posts and detect new hashtag trends as well as why both Residential and ISP proxies are the best networks to use
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In this post, we will cover:

What are proxies for Instagram bots

Instagram bots help companies manage multiple accounts in different countries as well as automating actions such as:

  • Acquiring new account ‘fans’ by following relevant accounts 
  • Commenting on and responding to posts
  • Detecting and incorporating trending hashtags

Dedicated proxies for Instagram enable businesses to successfully operate their Insta bots. Social networks such as Instagram work better when account IP addresses match the declared geolocation (both in terms of discovery and targeting). This is especially true of companies who manage multiple accounts in different GEOs – proxies enable these businesses to easily toggle through users and take ‘local-facing actions’ (e.g., location tagging).

Bright Data has developed an advanced proxy infrastructure enabling companies to use a dedicated/localized IP address for each and every new Instagram account. 

Instagram bot proxy use cases

Here are some of the ways in which companies are leveraging an Instagram scraper powered by proxies:

Sales Intelligence 

This business provides media agencies and brands with analytics about 

followers, profiles, and hashtags from Instagram and Tiktok. They also collect Instagram public data so that they can gain insights into the best times to 

post, the best hashtags to use, as well as which competitor posts had the highest performance. This company is currently using static Residential IPs to help prevent their Instagram bots from getting blocked.

Account management 

This business is managing multiple accounts on Instagram for their campaigns in different geolocations. They utilize rotating Residential IPs in order to have GEO-specific IP addresses for each individual account, helping them take advantage of a variety of locations. This ensures that Instagram does not block or ban any of its accounts. 

Building a social data app / Data training 

This business is developing an app to help people connect on social media. Their app compares the faces of artists that users upload. They use ISP proxy-powered bots in order to collect publicly available posts and profiles to feed and train their application algorithms. 

Influencer Marketing 

This is a Digital Marketing company that creates content and publishes it on different social media platforms on their customer’s behalf. They have come up with a marketplace for both influencers and brands to connect and collaborate on campaigns. They use Residential proxy-powered bots in order to collect influencers’ profiles from Instagram and YouTube at scale in order to discover the right influencer partners for targeted campaigns. 

How to get started with Instagram bot proxies 

Many businesses opt to buy a proxy subscription in order to help power their Instagram bot operations. 

But as you can see in the above use cases, not all proxy types are ideal for Instagram. The best proxy networks for social media include:

  • Residential IP networks
  • ISP proxy networks 

This is due to the fact that both of these are identified by Instagram as originating from real users. Residential IPs are devices that belong to real individuals, so these are the top-of-the-line, so to speak. While ISPs are like Datacenter proxies in that they belong to real users, they are still associated with real Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Which you choose to use will depend on your company’s budget and specific use case. 

Bright Data has one of the largest global networks of Residential peer devices, making it one of the most advantageous choices for companies looking to run their Instagram campaigns and scripts.

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