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Scrape Instagram public data: Followers, emails, photos, comments, name, account, avatar, business category, hashtag, following, ID, country code, region, title, profile, views, posts, profile image, timestamp, highlights, likes, biography, business address, and average engagement. 

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Instagram Scraper use cases

  • Scrape Instagram and monitor your brand reputation
  • Easily discover new trends
  • Collect public data about the top influencers
  • Scrape public data like comments, profiles, and more


Instagram Scraper Overview

  • Easy data scraping for beginners
  • All-in-One platform integrates with our industry-leading proxy networks
  • Utilizes proprietary technology to unlock sites
  • Infinitely scaleable – collect as much data as you need quickly and completely
  • Bright Data is fully committed to complying with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including GDPR and CCPA.


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Instagram - Profile and Posts

Sample Input
Sample Output
    "is_verified": false,
    "posts_count": 223,
    "profile_name": "SiNSAY Russia",
    "profile_image_link": "https:\/\/\/v\/t51.2885-19\/227565169_1418554895194515_8465475840401265501_n.jpg?\u0026_nc_cat=103\u0026_nc_ohc=eppFfssOcMoAX9vGjrE\u0026edm=ABfd0MgBAAAA\u0026ccb=7-4\u0026oh=00_AT-qBrvic1wKqZGzvIWEf_SrAxxlCmaGWaOmpxM7iV4DWw\u0026oe=628AD2B0\u0026_nc_sid=7bff83",
    "biography": "Официальный аккаунт Sinsay в России\ng r e a t  f a s h i o n\ng r e a t  p r i c e s\n#sinsay #sinsayrussia",
    "business_email": null,
    "external_url": "https:\/\/\/ru\/ru\/?utm_source=instagram\u0026utm_medium=fanpage_ru",
    "following": 1,
    "followers": 230368,
    "posts": [
            "caption": "Окружите себя близкими людьми в день всех влюблённых! Устройте вечеринку, повеселитесь и делитесь любовью 💖\n\n#sinsayrussia #underwear #party #love #нижнеебелье #домашняяодежда",
            "video_view_count": 10231,
            "likes": 399,
            "has_handshake": false,
            "datetime": 1644853031,
            "display_url": "https:\/\/\/v\/t51.2885-15\/273892148_148503244223733_427683832104389424_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_e35\\u0026_nc_cat=109\u0026_nc_ohc=o27Qeg5HbCUAX9GAPFo\u0026edm=APU89FABAAAA\u0026ccb=7-4\u0026oh=00_AT9g6UuODuqzOs6kTbv0tBuR7ifSFTMj6X5dDX4JaWUXLg\u0026oe=6285F660\u0026_nc_sid=86f79a",
            "video_url": "https:\/\/\/v\/t50.2886-16\/274040175_654749402344004_924094512253045715_n.mp4?efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6InZ0c192b2RfdXJsZ2VuLjcyMC5jbGlwcy5iYXNlbGluZSIsInFlX2dyb3VwcyI6IltcImlnX3dlYl9kZWxpdmVyeV92dHNfb3RmXCJdIn0\\u0026_nc_cat=108\u0026_nc_ohc=dF26Fp-bXs0AX-vXA46\u0026edm=APU89FABAAAA\u0026vs=1148353399303570_2939663776\u0026_nc_vs=HBksFQAYJEdHX0ZWUkJFS291NWZWTUNBTk1MdXhVUUM5TU1icV9FQUFBRhUAAsgBABUAGCRHQTY3VkJCTFEtS0JSdzRCQUYwUG1SU2h0WlVIYnFfRUFBQUYVAgLIAQAoABgAGwAVAAAmiLvzge%2F78D8VAigCQzMsF0A91T987ZFoGBJkYXNoX2Jhc2VsaW5lXzFfdjERAHX%2BBwA%3D\u0026ccb=7-4\u0026oe=6285CAC5\u0026oh=00_AT8Sjhb-rq5o4DB8Lp_wbjvbm6i8GTpDhAdZzlYYmFSzMA\u0026_nc_sid=86f79a",
            "comments": [],
            "post_id": "2773545074791958015",
            "shortcode": "CZ9nIz3gkX_",
            "content_type": "GraphVideo",
            "media": [
                    "src": "https:\/\/\/v\/t51.2885-15\/273892148_148503244223733_427683832104389424_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_e35\\u0026_nc_cat=109\u0026_nc_ohc=o27Qeg5HbCUAX9mrV7Q\u0026edm=AABBvjUBAAAA\u0026ccb=7-4\u0026oh=00_AT9JJpZMcO__SD_f5jhAeqkXseA4EWCz8hbaeQgdvJqepQ\u0026oe=6285F660\u0026_nc_sid=83d603",
                    "config_width": 1080,
                    "config_height": 1920
            "thumbnail": "https:\/\/\/v\/t51.2885-15\/273892148_148503244223733_427683832104389424_n.jpg?stp=c0.280.720.720a_dst-jpg_e35_s150x150\\u0026_nc_cat=109\u0026_nc_ohc=o27Qeg5HbCUAX9GAPFo\u0026edm=APU89FABAAAA\u0026ccb=7-4\u0026oh=00_AT-MCVBT88CknGFPckNatarHIx7h3jpIzGKUjch1j8BerQ\u0026oe=6285F660\u0026_nc_sid=86f79a",
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/v\/t51.2885-15\/273892148_148503244223733_427683832104389424_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_e35\\u0026_nc_cat=109\u0026_nc_ohc=o27Qeg5HbCUAX9mrV7Q\u0026edm=AABBvjUBAAAA\u0026ccb=7-4\u0026oh=00_AT9JJpZMcO__SD_f5jhAeqkXseA4EWCz8hbaeQgdvJqepQ\u0026oe=6285F660\u0026_nc_sid=83d603",
            "post_text": "Окружите себя близкими людьми в день всех влюблённых! Устройте вечеринку, повеселитесь и делитесь любовью 💖\n\n#sinsayrussia #underwear #party #love #нижнеебелье #домашняяодежда",
            "likes_amount": 399,
            "post_timestamp": 1644853031,
            "sponsor": "N\/A",
            "sponsor_link": "N\/A"
    "account": "sinsay_ru",
    "id": 1652778377487

Web Scraper IDE Features

Leave your scraping limitations behind with our hosted cloud solution
Pre-made web scraper templates
Get started quickly and adapt existing code to your specific needs
Interactive preview
Watch your code as you build it and debug errors in your code quickly
Built-in debug tools
Debug what happened in a past crawl to understand what needs fixing in the next version
Browser scripting in JavaScript

Handle your browser control and parsing codes with simple procedural JavaScript

Ready-made functions

Capture browser network calls, configure a proxy, extract data from lazy loading UI, and more!

Easy parser creation

Write your parsers in cheerio and run live previews to see what data it produced

Auto-scaling infrastructure

You don’t need to invest in the hardware or software to manage an enterprise-grade web scraper


Emulate a user in any geo-location with built-in fingerprinting, automated retries, CAPTCHA solving, and more.

Built-in debug tools

Trigger crawls on a schedule or by API, and connect our API to major storage platforms

How to leverage Instagram Scraper: 

  • Identify influencers with huge impact to promote your brand and products by scraping #followers, profiles, comments, followers, topics of interest, and more
  • Understand your competitors by scraping public data on companies, professionals, new market opportunities, and trending products
  • Follow what customers are saying, and quickly spot shifts in popularity by monitoring likes, shares, comments, hashtags, mentions, and more
  • Collect public alternative data to make better investments and business decisions
  • Enhance and monitor your brand by collecting comments and likes data to get a handle on what your reputation is
  • Learn more about your target audience including their level of engagement, demographics, most liked and used hashtags, posting frequency, and what they are following




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