Inaccurate Web Data Is Costing You $$$!

View the web as a real mobile user and make sure your web-data is accurate
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Mobile data looks different than desktop data

View the web as a real mobile user and make sure your web data is accurate

Using datacenter IPs makes it easy for most websites to identify your request as coming from a non-real user and block the request or display misleading information. It’s especially easy to identify non-real users’ requests when either the used IPs have the same subnet or the IPs are flagged as belonging to a listed data center. Using real mobile IPs eliminates both these cases, dramatically improving the chance that you won’t get blocked and that you will get the same data that a real mobile user gets.

Bright Data now offers access to +3 million IPs of real users’ mobile devices from any country in the world.

Use case examples

ad verification using a proxy network scraper to collect the data

Ad Verification

Watch ads as real mobile users would see them on their mobile device. Running your ads through real mobile IPs will guarantee greater fraud detection.

online price comparison using a data collection proxy network

Price Comparison

Online price discrimination happens when vendors display different prices based on the visitor’s device type or geographic location. In particular, retail and travel apps/websites tend to offer different pricing on mobile devices. Using real mobile 3G/4G proxies, you can compare real prices across the web without being misled or blocked.

website performance checks using proxy network

Website Performance

Checking website speed for latency issues on 3G.

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