Bright Data launches analytical division ‘Bright Insights’ with acquisition of Market Beyond

Bright Data boosts its value with Bright Insights, delivering actionable intelligence and analytics in near real-time.
Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
Bright Data Staff | Writing Desk

With the purchase of Market Beyond, a leading eCommerce data insights provider, Bright Data is launching its digital shelf analytics product suite.

Both teams will now establish a new division — Bright Insights

Leading companies and brands will now receive the added benefit of an end-to-end web data solution from web scraping, to indexing and structuring, on through to digital shelf analytics — providing a platform to receive quality and reliable structured web data as well as critical business insights all in one place.

The Dynamic Duo for Improved Business Strategies  

Market Beyond’s solution uses AI and ML to analyze the digital shelf, which is the online equivalent of how someone shops in a physical store. 

They provide retailers and manufacturers with highly accurate information and insights into the performance of the brand and its competitors’ products on the online shelf — including information about product pricing, stock availability, product reviews and rating, share of search, discoverability and more.

The ability to link market share to marketing spend across different retailers and competitors will help our customers to put their money where it counts and increase their budget on online activities that actually work, while saving money on activities that don’t, improving their return on investment (ROI).

Continued Forward Progress and Customer Success

For years, Bright Data has held a focus on innovating web data products that support thousands of customers around the world with great success. 

Now we are extending our product suite further, and as a DaaS (Data as a Service) industry leader, we only saw it fitting to build this end-to-end data collection and eCommerce analytical solution for our customers to fully address their most comprehensive challenges with best in class data solutions. 

Bright Data Staff - Blog Updates
Bright Data Staff | Writing Desk

Team responsible for getting out industry updates about data collection and proxy networks to our blog and to the world

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