AdsPower Proxy Integration With Bright Data

Looking to circumvent browser fingerprinting while surfing the web completely anonymously? This quick guide will show you how to use AdsPower, a leading browser management tool with Bright Data
AdsPower proxy integration with Bright Data
Lin Minmei
Lin Minmei | Affiliate Manager China

In this article we will discuss:

What is AdsPower?

AdsPower is a multi-login management tool that provides users independent fingerprint browsing for each individual account. Some of this tool’s core capabilities include:

Browser fingerprinting – Define a customized fingerprint for each account in order to attain ultimate levels of security.

Automated operation – Take your real-time monitoring operation progress and combine it with your batched automated operation.

Super Browser – Use a variety of browsers, each possessing its own individual environment

Multi-account operation – Import/export accounts with batches of proxy information

Team Collaboration – Accounts can be used by different users while maintaining environment consistency

IP proxy support – Their systems support and integrate with most major proxies, supporting IPv6

Why you need an AdsPower proxy integration

In practice, AdsPower is used for use cases pertaining to eCommerce and social media marketing in different geolocations as well as managing social media accounts in different GEOs. It provides users with a secure and centralized management tool (much like a CRM in some aspects) with a secure environment in your browser for each dedicated account. If you are managing any number of accounts this is the perfect tool for you.

The only issue is that this tool does not have any global IP infrastructure or networks. Think about it, let’s say you need to manage social accounts in Japan, France, and South Africa. You have the management tool (AdsPower), but what about your ‘fingerprint’ which also needs to be localized? That’s where Bright Data comes in, providing AdsPower users with IPs with very Specific country, city, ASN, and even carrier targeting (for mobile devices, e.g. mobile advertising verification).

How to set up AdsPower?

Here is how you can set up AdsPower in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Download and install AdsPower

Step 2: Launch AdsPower and select Upload Accs from the Account Management menu

Step 3: Fill in Bright Data proxy information:

  • Proxy Type: Bright Data
  • Proxy Host:
  • Proxy Port: 22225
  • Proxy User: Your Zone user name
  • Proxy Password: Your Zone password

How to integrate Bright Data with AdsPower?

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how you integrate Bright Data with AdsPower:

Step 1: Go to your Bright Data Dashboard and click Add Zone

Step 2: Select a network type and press Add Zone

Step 3: Back in your Bright Data dashboard, click a Zone name

Step 4: Paste Bright Data’s proxy IP information and account information into Excel:

Bright Data's proxy information like an excel sheet

Image source: Bright Data

Step 5: Upload the Excel file to AdsPower’s system:

upload the excel sheet to adspower platformImage source: Bright Data

How to automatically match Bright Data’s dynamic residential IPs in AdsPower

Since AdsPower itself does not have its own proxy service or Residential Ip network, you are going to need to match your desired IPs from Bright Data in AdsPower as follows:

Step 1: Click the “Free Upgrade” button in the lower right-hand corner of the AdsPower software to upgrade to the Team version of AdsPower (from $ 25 / month)

Step 2: Go into the menu by heading to EnterpriseSettings

find the settings in adspower under EnterpriseImage source: Bright Data

Step 3: Fill in the username and password for the requested Bright Data Dynamic Residential IP

Image source: Bright Data

Step 4: When importing the account, select ‘Lumauto’:

Image source: Bright Data

Step 5: Fill in the desired country, state, city information associated with the IP you want to get from Bright Data, or the IP address associated with the account used to log in / currently being used

Step 6: After the configuration is complete, click ‘OK’

Step 7: In the account management dashboard, hit ‘Open Browser’, and AdsPower will utilize the proxy you connected to place you in your desired target region

Summing it up

AdsPower is a great tool which can be used to streamline your browsing efficiency and enhance your privacy while performing data collection tasks. As you may already know, AdsPower does not maintain its own proxy networks which is why you may want to use one of Bright Data’s 4 proxy networks, with our Residential Network serving as the optimal choice for this integration.

Lin Minmei
Lin Minmei | Affiliate Manager China

Lin is a China-native who specializes in establishing and cultivating business partnerships and relationships. She is experienced in managing the full-cycle process of prospecting, qualifying, launching, optimizing, and growing affiliate assets in mainland China and Hong Kong.

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