Why Your Company Needs A Proxy Provider

Proxy providers. You’ve probably heard of them before and now you want to see if working with one is suitable for your company.
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proxy networks can help your company in multiple ways, data collection, anti-cyber

Most people have no idea what proxy servers can offer. Some individuals have only explored the tip of the iceberg about proxies with limited information regarding how they can unlock online content and assist in the collection of online data.

Proxies give you more than that. For enterprises, they have a number of impressive advantages if you’re aiming for consistent business growth. If you are in any business that has decided to go online, you need to learn about the competitive edge that proxies can provide you.

Implementing the use of proxies in your business is crucial, but before we begin, if you’re not yet 100% sure of how a proxy server works, feel free to check out these answers to common proxy questions.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are the reasons why you need a high-quality proxy service for businesses provider:

  • Hide your IP address
    One of the clear benefits of having a proxy server is that you can hide your IP address, so that the server that steers your target website will not be able to determine your actual address. In certain cases for some establishments, servers can prevent individuals or enterprises from accessing particular websites. When this occurs, having a proxy provider can come in handy and allow your organization to visit the website. There are some countries that have even put up restrictions on certain websites or a huge chunk of online content for their residents. If you’re from a blocked region, you can bypass these geo-restrictions with a proxy. Besides these, you can also hide your IP address from competitors. The minute you enter a competitor’s domain, you announce who you are and put yourself at risk of receiving false or misleading data. If you want to check out the product offerings and associated pricing of competitors, you can avoid revealing your identity and steer clear from undesired consequences by availing the services of residential proxy providers. Residential IPs ensure you have unbiased data in your hands giving your enterprise the means to stay competitive.


    Equipping yourself with the best proxy to use can save you from these troubles and leave you with no holds barred in the virtual realm. If you want to up your network’s privacy and security, you can check out this post at FinancesOnline for VPN providers. Like proxy servers, VPNs can make your traffic appear from a remote IP address but at an operating system level.

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  • IP rotation
    Whether you want to collect and examine data for statistics, price comparisons, or general growth, web data extraction is a commendable and crucial time saver. When scraping a website, you want to make sure that collecting data is done as swiftly as possible. Scrapers browse websites very fast, and when targeted websites detect the length of time you spend on each page and your behavior is not very human-like, they will block you.

    Websites that are very sophisticated employ some serious anti-scraping measures such as blocking IPs to prevent any possible scraping activities and may even send misleading information. The worst case scenario is that they completely block you from accessing the website.

    Web scraping with proxies is particularly useful for gathering data and guaranteeing that you won’t be blacklisted by targeted websites. Rotating proxies utilize a pool of different IPs to route your requests.

    If you want to start scraping, find out how you can rotate your IP address.

Scraping the social networks using a proxy

  • Multiple account management
    For content managers and SEO marketers, overseeing huge amounts of social media posts, advertising and analytics is always a challenge. Because of this, organizations use proxies for business services to run multiple social media accounts that promote their products. We Are Social’s Global Digital Report lists 3.725 billion active social media users across the globe. It claims that social media has transformed into the hearts of all virtual customer touchpoints and recommends organizations restore customer trust, expand their digital transformation, and construct a unified view through each touchpoint to increase consumer growth and maintain a competitive advantage.

    Additionally, data from Statista shows that marketers are spending more on advertising via social media, with social media ad expenditure amounting to over $89 billion in 2019. As per predictions, this expenditure will rise in 2020 and reach $102 billion, with a yearly growth rate of 8.7%.

    To keep up with effective marketing strategies in today’s technology-driven society, taking advantage of an intermediary between your computer and the internet is necessary. Dedicated proxies give users the ability to maximize the benefits of social media marketing. They allow enterprises to effectively reach their target segments and create multiple accounts on social media without being blocked. Analyzing consumer behavior is also made easier with proxies, since private proxies allow businesses to collect social media intelligence and gauge how their demographics feel about their products and services.

  • Brand protection
    If you think your business is safe online, think again. Without a proxy, your enterprise is prone to attacks from phishing, counterfeiting, and malware. Companies invest in solid brand protection measures to safeguard their online assets and ensure the protection of intellectual property. When you use a residential IP, you can pose as a regular customer and avoid being misled by users that take advantage of your copyrighted assets. You can put an end to organizations or individuals that steal your company’s brand and ideas by utilizing proxies for brand protection.

Winning the game

With these significant benefits you can get from a proxy for organizations, it’s a no – brainer to get in touch with a reliable proxy provider. Staying afloat in the market is a race you need to win, and to get to the finish line and boost your business, you need to work on your strategies and invest in tools that will help your enterprise grow.

Although there are many free available proxies online, it is better to purchase an authentic one that will not take advantage of your data and provide the IP types and settings you need. Staying within the range of your budget is always possible if you consider which proxy pricing works for you.

So, it’s time to end ridiculous charades and shift to more reliable methods. Buy proxies for your company and discover the edge they can give you.