Acceptable Use Policy

Bright Data’s platform, technology, and network (collectively, “Services”) are meant for legitimate and legal purposes only and are subject to the Bright Data Master Service Agreement.

Bright Data takes and will take firm action against illegal or non-compliant use of the Bright Data Services, and will assist law enforcement in investigating potentially abusive activities of the Bright Data Services.

Any use of the Bright Data Services for illegal, fraudulent, or abusive activities is strictly prohibited. Any such suspected use will be investigated.

Forbidden activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Collection of nonpublic information (i.e: data behind login)
  • DDoS attacks
  • Spam: mass posting any mail/message boards/irc/comments messages and images
  • Ad fraud or click fraud
  • Impersonation or spoofing for fraudulent purposes
  • Creating fake accounts or content
  • Use of automatic ticket purchasing (ticket-bots)
  • Raffles, lottery, or gambling
  • Fake engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.)
  • Gaming or trading of in games items/currency
  • Reselling of proxies without Bright Data’s prior written approval (see our partners programs)
  • Use of streaming related domains (videos, music or images streaming)
  • Trading crypto/virtual currency or NFT
  • Any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) manipulation (i.e: fake clicks in search engines results)
  • Posting on classified, used, and resell sites (such as Craig’s list)
  • Completion of surveys in return for a benefit or anything of value
  • Any form of activity that is in violation of applicable law or regulations or any third party rights

Bright Data proactively blocks certain web content (i.e: Adult content, Governmental websites, Harmful domains, etc.), as determined by Bright Data in its sole and exclusive discretion. Bright Data reserves the right to add or retract, at any time and at its sole discretion, any web content blocking.

Use of Bright Data Services may be limited by Bright Data in its sole discretion in order to prevent any damage or service disruption to any third party computers or service. Bright Data shall not be liable towards Client for any limits imposed as described herein.

We encourage users to report any misuse or suspicious activity in our network through our dedicated email ([email protected]) or our reporting channel ( .