Expand your lead generation with fresh and actionable web data

Zero in on the right customers to increase sales and ROI, and gather reliable data on existing leads and customers with Bright Data, the #1 web data platform for lead generation

Lead Generation

Gather data on people and companies to target leads and generate revenue

  • Extract contact information like business names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, emails, social media profiles, job titles & people names
  • Locate business leads, decision makers, and their contact details without advertising
  • Filter existing jobs & company datasets based on job title, location, and industry
  • Aggregate contact, life event, and other public legal and property data to better understand partners, clients, consumer behavior and reputation

Identify new leads by collecting data from competitor forums and industry sites

  • Target event websites to collect data on leads and your industry
  • Get real-time data from comments sections of relevant industry websites and blogs for leads that are engaging and relevant
  • Monitor your competitors’ forums and social media pages to collect data on customers, followers, fans, etc., & collect data on existing leads by following social media metadata tags 
  • Buy social media, directory, or jobs-portal datasets that constantly refresh for data related to your industry

Enrich existing databases for improved research, KYC, and to provide insights on clients

  • Update your CRM regularly and combat the effects of data obsolescence and prevent inaccurate data
  • Understand leads better and perform effective KYC with public web data from government portals, company disclosures, and official websites
  • Automate data collection from US phone books to run smart background checks & update existing databases
  • Analyze reputation risk by gathering accurate search engine results data regarding new and existing leads

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