Irwan Djoehana

Founder at Retail Shake

Retail Shake is a 360° competitive intelligence tool dedicated for retail professionals. 

We help our customers perform price monitoring, product comparison, competitor benchmarking, monitor customer reviews and consumer sentiment, merchandising, geo-located stocks, prices and other strategic points of interest within the business sector — in a customized manner.

Basically, everything retailers need to optimize stocks, merchandising plans and marketing strategies.

Today, with e-commerce penetration at an all time high, retailers need to optimize their marketing materials in real-time, meaning extremely fast, with the market in order to stay competitive within the rapidly changing landscape. 

This means it’s no longer possible to manually monitor the market anymore. It takes too much time, especially with all the huge amount of variations of products and sellers out there. More so, each of those distinctions, among countless other data outputs that each and everyone of us as a consumer cares about without even realizing it, change by the second. 

Therefore, Retail Shake was created to help retailers automate this process, make it simpler to follow and faster, in order to gain a leg up on the competitors that have not yet embraced public web data strategies and tools. 

The Retail Shake solution offers retailers and brands the ability to gain a 360° view of their competitive market and environment. 

With our solution, retailers know easily which products are sold by their competitors and they can follow their promotional policies, from discovery to sale. This integral sort of competitive intelligence is automated and it is available online, whenever the customer sees fit and we update the data on a daily basis.

What differentiates our product is the 360° global scope, reliability and quality of data that we provide to our customers.

Retail Shake is the only solution in the world that simultaneously benchmarks real-time pricing, stocks, digital distribution, visuals, text and customer reviews, while providing customers historical data to enrich their analysis.

Many competitors limit their database to customers, generally around the number of products or retailers they have access to extract insights from. However, we give our customers free reign to incorporate whatever public web data they see fit towards their analysis, all on one user-friendly platform.

While on the subject of data, public web data is becoming an increasingly important part of the decision-making process and much more for our customers — as well as in companies in general — and we find ourselves delivering more and more web data as time moves forward. 

We use data collection tools to collect public data, but we often face obstacles. Many public websites block access and prevent our tools from working, collecting and delivering the data to our customers. 

To overcome this issue, we use Bright Data’s network. It allows us to see what a real user sees, and helps our data collection tools to perform at a higher level, which supports our efforts to collect data for our database and deliver it to our customers.

The partnership with Bright Data has helped us respond effectively to the daily needs of our customers and we regularly call on Bright Data whenever we encounter collection difficulties on the target sites in order to keep to our commitments with our customers.

We plan to become one of the leaders in France and in Europe for data projects dedicated to marketing intelligence and we need to be constantly up to date in order to guarantee the quality of our data, including public web data – this is one of the main reasons we value the partnership so much, as Bright Data acts as an honorary member of our team, keeping our future success in mind.

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