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Pinterest scraper output examples

    "media_url": "https:\/\/\/236x\/18\/7b\/c4\/187bc4e07ad6d6d161c633c032f7db57.jpg",
    "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/15270086230033827\/",
    "title": "I love You Enough To Fight For You,"
    "saved_from": "",
    "title": "Some of My Favorite Prints - Oh Joy!",
    "created_at": "Sun, 28 Nov 2021 22:46:34 +0000",
    "description": "I\u0027m excited to share a curated collection of picks with a focus on BIPOC independent artists I love...",
    "tags": [
        "Odio El Amor",
        "Tatuajes Simplistas",
        "Almohadas De Colores",
        "Cojines Para El Suelo",
        "Bloqueo De Color",
        "Diseño De Casa"
    "categories": [
        "Decoración Del Hogar",
        "Arte Mural"
    "category": "No category",
    "media_url": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy\/for-the-home\/",
    "image_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/bf\/57\/e4\/bf57e49725e5d304bca6c0f13d36552a.png",
    "url_under_image": "https:\/\/\/my_weblog\/2021\/09\/some-of-my-favorite-prints.html",
    "added_by": {
        "img": "https:\/\/\/75x75_RS\/82\/9b\/5d\/829b5daf85f4adc2e224b0031d5294e0.jpg",
        "name": "Oh Joy",
        "url": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy"
    "more_information": {
        "find_more_on": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy\/for-the-home\/",
        "by": "https:\/\/\/ohjoy\/"
    "more_posts": [
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/2a\/eb\/91\/2aeb917730728b381790821d4adba275.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/466122630191846904\/",
            "title": "New life new room art wall  all stuff ordered from AliExpress"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/54\/eb\/1e\/54eb1ec7d94f5724e37d7c3c87f205b5.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/4433299603328491\/",
            "title": "WHITE FURNITURE"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/e4\/de\/8d\/e4de8d1bcc21d9555f8fffaa9a2573cf.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/painting-sketch--50102614594804238\/",
            "title": "Painting Sketch"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/ed\/b9\/49\/edb9492ce006ced7ba21b6e3ec6c18ed.png",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/255297872618146295\/",
            "title": "Brushed Knit Throw Blanket"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/27\/8a\/c1\/278ac1461534b79ebe8e41f103e7f7f8.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/574560864933721942\/",
            "title": "Loading results | Society6"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/38\/c2\/6c\/38c26cee4f5e4e9454114357bf988d6e.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/114278909271899303\/",
            "title": "Mareike boehmer Artist"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/5a\/cf\/55\/5acf551979dae6a0bc40a18d5d6aa419.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/terracotta-vase-diy--368450813274743042\/",
            "title": "Terracotta Vase DIY"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/a2\/9e\/fd\/a29efd7c5aca0a703f9a06be28f3732c.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/121667627424706951\/",
            "title": "Wall Decor - The Home Depot"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/39\/2f\/60\/392f60862542209866752250527e90f6.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/401101910571616482\/",
            "title": "24 Trendy Ideas For Baby Art Nursery Canvases"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/2a\/09\/48\/2a094896a70feb8584dc9a261a21c49f.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/787496684848745889\/",
            "title": "Abstract Marble Vein Wall Art Colorful Fine Art Canvas Prints Nordic Style Contemporary Design Pictures For Living Room Bedroom Wall Decor"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/3e\/34\/53\/3e34533a29cc479d72ac44c8d000f6f3.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/gallery-wall-trio-of-green-gold-artworks--723320390159579423\/",
            "title": "Gallery Wall Trio of Green \u0026 Gold Artworks"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/60\/c8\/27\/60c827734ddfdb4ff22596d17c9181be.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/351912460533940\/",
            "title": "𝒦 on Twitter"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/bc\/20\/71\/bc2071c9406801bc9882bffbc6ea7d26.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/18718154670735908\/",
            "title": "Even More Maps For Travel-Inspired Decor"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/76\/ea\/52\/76ea52c9ff3ed654e55da569247fe3bd.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/67765169384606615\/",
            "title": "893 Likes, 31 Comments - Leah Bartholomew (@leahbartholomew) on Instagram: “Hello Melbourne! Today is the fir… | Plant pot diy, Painted pots diy, Painted plant pots"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/8b\/70\/ea\/8b70ead2aa2d2582cbf244cc5313749f.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/flags-limited-edition-art-print-in-2022--11399805453287287\/",
            "title": "Flags Limited Edition Art Print"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/7d\/9b\/e8\/7d9be8802bc059be219e5b28c05a3754.png",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/551198441905624076\/",
            "title": "Modern Wall Hanging, Long Geometric Wall Hanging, Terracotta Circular Wall Art, Mid Century Modern Wall Decor, Neutral Boho Wooden Garland"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/95\/56\/92\/95569237a6f6ef663171f31344b4cc4d.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/345792077651301454\/",
            "title": "Geometric view Art Print"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/47\/d8\/58\/47d8586f6b4fb9ba3d51a76401396983.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/27021666505210796\/",
            "title": "Perfekte Lösung für schmale Flure"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/99\/f3\/7b\/99f37b91f5e9b204bfb3e5f42a10b7e7.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/girl-on-the-moon-wall-art-print-plant-lover-gift-plant-mom-art-gift-for-her--155303887527604123\/",
            "title": "Girl On The Moon Wall Art Print, Plant Lover Gift, Plant Mom Art, Gift For Her"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/62\/7b\/67\/627b67f9ac5be47302f8ffcd6cbf0811.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/100627372914812088\/",
            "title": "Craft-o-Rama"
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/d9\/51\/2a\/d9512a9d37ab749d0edc749c46a74ade.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/hello-june-hand-lettering-and-watercolor-and-calligraphy-using-brush-pens--578642252127765159\/",
            "media_url": "https:\/\/\/originals\/eb\/19\/36\/eb1936a1f11e638e687ea9b6fcb83779.jpg",
            "post_url": "https:\/\/\/pin\/how-i-use-baskets-in-home-decor--63965257201870555\/",
            "title": "How I use baskets in  home decor"

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Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.

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Pinterest Scraper FAQs

Proxies are important for scraping Pinterest because it allows the scraper to remain anonymous, avoid IP blocking, access geo-restricted content, and improve scraping speed.

Having an unblocking solution when scraping Pinterest is important because many websites have anti-scraping measures that block the scraper’s IP address or require CAPTCHA solving. The unblocking solution implemented within Bright Data’s web scraping solutions are designed to bypass these obstacles and continue gathering data without interruption.

When scraping Pinterest , you may only scrape publicly available data. Due to our commitment to privacy laws, we do not allow scraping behind log-ins.

Our privacy practices comply with data protection laws, including the EU data protection regulatory framework, GDPR, and CCPA – respecting requests to exercise privacy rights and more.