Manta businesses dataset (Public web data)
Use our Manta dataset, a US business directory, to find businesses in the US by location, business type, and other parameters and collect extensive information on each company. Depending on your needs...
5.6M Records
Popular subsets
Arizona businesses
223K Records
Florida businesses
386K Records
Texas businesses
530K Records


Manta datasets

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Use Manta datasets to develop marketing strategies and sales outreach. Find businesses all over the world with their details, ratings and reviews to zero-in on potential customers and competitors. monitor company, and career evolutions, and evaluate market trends.

Business Intelligence

Understand your competitors with Manta datasets & locate prospects and improve CRM with people & jobs datasets. Leverage Google Maps datasets to locate competitors, understand them with reviews and ratings data.

Location-based Marketing

Target the right audiences with location-based business data like your competitor’s next store, warehouse, real estate asset, etc.

Monitor Consumer Sentiment

Analyze ratings and reviews using a manta dataset. Spot shifts in consumer demand and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

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