Glassdoor companies information dataset (Public web data)
Use our Glassdoor dataset to find market trends and business information on companies and how current and past employees perceive and rate them. Depending on your needs, you may purchase the entire da...
2.5M Records
Popular subsets
Companies with the best reputations
475K Records
Companies with the worst reputations
1.5M Records
Reputable government companies
5K Records


Competitive Intelligence

Improve the efficiency of your competitive analysis by identifying key companies, professionals, and employee movements. With the Glassdoor dataset map your competitors landscape, monitor company, and career evolutions, and evaluate market trends.

Sales & Marketing

Fuel your lead generation pipeline with high-quality profiles and company records using a Glassdoor dataset. Create your ideal customer profile and optimize your sales funnel by curating these custom audiences with targeted lead lists.

Investment Data

Evaluate company growth and industry trends for data-driven decision-making. Hedge funds, VCs, and financial firms looking to enhance their investment analysis gain massive value from the Glassdoor dataset and uncover high-value opportunities.

Hiring Trends & Recruitment

Identify and analyze hiring patterns and in-demand skill sets by using our Glassdoor dataset. The dataset is perfect for training ML algorithms, candidate recommendations based on job descriptions, skills on demand, required experience, and more.

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